15 Amazing Ways Bitcoin Changes the Future of Money

For those who are tired of playing the central banker’s fiat currency game of Monopoly, the benefits of Bitcoin easily outweigh the negatives. Currency is far from all that Bitcoin can do, and is just the first application, but creating sound global currency anyone can use is one hell of an app!

Here are fifteen reasons why the future of money is changing due to the technological innovations of Bitcoin.

The First Global Peer-to-Peer Monetary System

Thought you needed a government to have money? That is so 20th century! Bitcoin is the money of The People, for The People, by The People. There have always been local currencies since people were trading chicken eggs for cow’s milk. Now, trade money digitally. No animals, private printing presses, or interest rates needed.

The Block Chain. Bitcoin’s Public Transaction Ledger

Bitcoin’s Blockсhain has been praised worldwide by even the establishment’s biggest players for its revolutionary abilities. It represents the heart of the Bitcoin protocol and provides a way to track all BTC transactions. This ledger will be able to replace paper trails, lawyers, and many other things adding friction to the current monetary system. Record-keeping made for the Internet and the 21st century. Central banks wish their technology were here.

Ultra-Flexible and Transferable

Bitcoin can most easily be transferred online, yes, but it can be sent in many other ways. Your feature phone, not even a smartphone, can send it by SMS text message. You can receive it in your paper wallet. It can be sent in Morse Code in "Burst". And soon, you can send it via satellite to nodes in outer space. What do you need to transmit bitcoin? Two nodes with the Block Chain. I think the world can handle that from now on.

Welcome to a world of Altcoins

Before there was Bitcoin there were no altcoins. Bitcoin begets other amazing digital currency technologies, with amazing features that may be added to Bitcoin in the future. In baseball, altcoins would be the minor league farm team that can have young talent occasionally join the big league team.

There may be a time when sending a bitcoin may not be desirable, and different forms of digital currency may be required. Maybe someone wants even more security, greater anonymity, faster transactions, or just to use full coins instead of millibitcoins. In the future, there will be an altcoin to fit your needs.

Programmable money

A little ahead of even the savvy Bitcoin users of today, a "Smart contract", coined by Nick Szabo over twenty years ago, can be a big part of our future. This enables a contract to go automatically into effect once conditions are met, such as payments, signatures, or periods of time elapse. In other words, Bitcoin has made money programmable and gives us another reason to phase out lawyers.

You’re in control of your bitcoins; Governments? Not so much.

Governments adore fiat currency because th