Fresh off a funding round of US$200,000 from business accelerator 500 Startups, the newly incorporated Neuroware has set out to rapidly develop “full-stack turn-key solutions for digital currencies” and blockchain apps.

“We want to empower developers and inventors to go further than ever thought possible — whether that be connecting the internet of things to its own payment gateway, or creating whole new models for commerce — and this is all made possible by Bitcoin,” the company’s site reads.

Technically still in beta, Neuroware’s team — spread out among three continents — has kept mum on exactly what this technology will entail, though CEO Mark Smalley has teased one project, with code, on the company’s blog.

Neuroware actually began nebulously as a group of people developing the BrainControl cryptocoin wallet, which was coded entirely in HTML and flexible enough in its design to work across various mobile operating systems as well as integrate into WordPress themes. That’s the project that got the team into 500 Startups and the subsequent funding.

Shortly thereafter, the team incorporated into Neuroware to begin pursuing other projects. Head of marketing Johnny Mayo promises that a few projects currently under development will be detailed on the Neuroware blog soon.

In the meantime, the company is hiring a senior developer to report to the Kuala Lumpur office. The announcement says remote work is OK, but southeast Asia also sounds like a pretty good place to live on that advertised US$60,000–90,000 salary.