2021 has been a year ripe in the cryptocurrency market, bringing about many new business concepts with the potential to take the world by storm. With cryptocurrency comes the ability to democratize the traditional financial system and create a true peer-to-peer medium for data and monetary exchange. The result is that the possibilities brought about by this technology are endless. Vitalik Buterin, one of the co-founders of Ethereum, said it best by sharing that “whereas most technologies tend to automated workers on the periphery doing menial tasks, blockchains automate away from the center." Therefore, “instead of putting a taxi driver out of a job,” blockchain “lets the taxi drivers work with the customer directly.” The result is that many new opportunities exist for blockchain technology to improve the world as we see it today.

Unfortunately, as a new space in the market, the world of cryptocurrency is subject to financial and regulatory considerations that are unknown to the average business owner. While traditional steps like fundraising are required from the get-go of any new business, this step in launching a business is often plagued with complexity, time-consuming processes, marketing challenges and other concerns about managing liquidity right off the bat.

Coin Liquidity Solutions (CLS) aims to help new crypto projects and exchanges as a market expert and consultancy that provides software and support in building partnerships with their clients to help them achieve their business goals. Just this year, CLS launched a new unit to help these promising projects with a startup package that supports the legal setup of the company.

The team now has over four years of experience, which has helped them understand what any project needs to ensure they are trading effectively on cryptocurrency markets.

Starting at the beginning

Founders of this organization share, “The idea of Coin Liquidity Solutions started back in 2017 when the founders saw that the quality of crypto market-making tools within the cryptocurrency market was well behind the traditional financial market standards. After a few iterations on the company’s positioning, a decision was made to start working in the direction of SaaS and deliver ready turnkey software solutions.”

In 2018, active development quickly followed, resulting in several algorithms passing real market tests. At the time, a team of three was working with a single client. The team has since grown to include over 90 projects, the majority including blockchain startups that require assistance in liquidity, market exposure and asset recognition. All client relationships involve a “partnership” style, intending to turn avid community members into investors and traders with solutions that help turn an idea into a working business model. 

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One of the team’s keys focuses is on trading, an essential tool for establishing the connection between supply and demand. As professional market makers, the platform is designed to be the primary accelerator of growth. The main goal of CLS as a market-making team is to provide a favorable environment that will allow for daily organic trading and real investors. Furthermore, it also ensures the ongoing relationship between the market, project management team and investors.

Bringing new projects to light

In addition to market making, the CLS team also supports cryptocurrency projects starting at the beginning and looking to advance to exchange listing, with their offerings for fundraising, investment and legal solutions. An example of an initial package being offered includes the development of documents including a white paper, pitch deck, math model and presentation, support with website creation, smart contract auditing, fundraising campaigns and assistance with listing and trading.

The team’s market expertise is well-positioned to help projects understand what their investors expect from their project and how they will be profiting. This may include supporting defining an official roadmap or helping the project list on top 10 exchanges.

In all initiatives, the team operates with the motto to put quality first, aiming to deliver real business value to their growing client base.

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