A Note From The Editor: Allow Me To Introduce Myself

I'm thrilled to share that I'm the new executive editor of Cointelegraph. I wanted to take this opportunity to introduce myself to our readers.

This is a return to blockchain journalism for me. I first bought Bitcoin in 2011, when I was curious about this new technology. I had been looking for an inexpensive way to send money to myself from Turkey, where I was working as a correspondent, to the U.S., where I needed to pay my student loans. (And yes, I do wish I had held onto those BTC.) After relocating back to the U.S. and getting a job at Fast Company covering technology, I started reporting on cryptocurrency and smart contracts in 2014. I was most recently part of a newsroom run on the Civil registry of decentralized, community-governed journalism projects. I’m excited to focus more specifically on blockchain by shaping Cointelegraph’s coverage.

When I started writing about blockchain, most people still weren't really sure what to make of Bitcoin. There was hardly any conversation about alt-tokens or the implications of trustless systems outside of finance. But half a decade later, it's already clear that blockchain is here to stay. Investment and innovation continues, despite setbacks from the apparent 2017 bubble. And now major corporation