The new era of blockchain-based games involves more than advanced graphics and sophisticated gameplay. Through the advent of technologies that enable decentralized finance (DeFi) and nonfungible tokens (NFTs), in-game incentives can turn into real-life financial rewards.

Dragon Mainland is a play-to-earn game that combines PvP (player vs player) and PvE (player versus environment) warfare, breeding dragons, free commerce and collecting NFTs. By absorbing other dragon skulls, players can level up their own dragons and earn cryptocurrency in the game. The platform takes the experience one step further by offering players the opportunity to earn more by trading NFTs collected in-game and engaging in DeFi activities.

By contributing to the ecosystem or developing in-game skills, players can earn DMS tokens or “Dragon mainland shards” – digital assets to realize ecological co-construction.

According to the platform, once the game is deployed, the game’s developer will have no control over it. Instead, the decentralized autonomous organization (DAO) community will be solely responsible for validating all transactions without the involvement of a third-party platform.

Enter the dragon

Inspired by the movie How to Train Your Dragon, Dragon Mainland’s gameplay is based on dragon breeding and battles. Dragons can be of five types: fire, water, wind, stone and thunder – with each exhibiting a different set of skills and attributes.

In order to improve their dragon’s existing attributes, players will need to absorb the skulls of dragons of the same type. Dragon skulls can be obtained by burning DMS tokens to open the Dragon treasure box, purchasing them on the marketplace or from certain special events.

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The game promises an immersive 3D experience with roguelike gameplay and AR visuals. Unlike most other blockchain games, Dragon Mainland’s in-game battles will provide more than just another way for players to level up. These in-game battles will ultimately determine the computing power of the blockchain network, which will, in turn, improve the efficiency of liquidity mining.

To obtain a dragon, players will have to participate in the Genesis Dragon Egg sale. There are a total of 10,000 Genesis Dragon Eggs, but so far, the platform has sold 1000 Fire Dragon Eggs in a sensational three-second sale.

A sustainable GameFi ecosystem

A player’s earnings are split into two categories: in-game earnings and liquidity mining earnings from staking dragons. The quantity of in-game revenue is determined by a dungeon's difficulty, and tokens are earned once the monster level has been conquered successfully.

DMS tokens can be used to buy items on the marketplace, governance, staking, liquidity mining, dragon breeding and marketplace dividends. DMS holders that stake their tokens and provide liquidity will be eligible to earn rewards, says Dragon Mainland. These tokens have a maximum supply of 1,000,000,000 and will never be issued.

Meanwhile, the Dragon Miracle Potion (DMP) is a functional token issued by the platform with an unlimited total supply. DMP tokens can only be obtained through game dungeons and daily quests completed. These tokens will be consumed during dragon breeding, dragon skull absorption and swallowing other dragons.

Aside from the platform’s revenue aggregator, players can earn through a multitude of innovations introduced by Dragon Mainland, such as DeFi mortgage mining, rare dynamic attributes of games, DAO management of the game mechanism and NFT trading.

All NFT data will be stored on the Filecoin network to maintain the decentralized integrity of the tokenized collectible.

Dragon Mainland describes its token economy system as one that “perfectly combines DeFi and NFT into an encrypted world” and uses financial mechanisms and game systems to empower its users, creating a truly unique and lasting game financial ecosystem.

The platform anticipates that when all of these elements come to fruition, Dragon Mainland will be much more than a blockchain-based role-playing game. By combining the best aspects of existing DeFi infrastructure, NFT trading and in-game experiences, players will be a part of a novel GameFi ecosystem. And as is the case with most things in the metaverse, early adopters are likely to reap the largest rewards.

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