Bitcoin going mainstream may be the hot topic for the year, but the online gambling industry is on the way to achieving this already, unveiling a transformation Satoshi would be proud of. 

Enter BetCoin, the Bitcoin-only gambling platform which has introduced the industry to the alluring combination of Bitcoin’s complete user anonymity and provably fair, traceable gameplay. CTO Wayne B told told Cointelegraph via email: 
“In contrast to many of its competitors, BetCoin designed and built their system from the ground up with cutting edge technologies to focus completely on crypto currency, rather than retrofitting old fiat casino systems.” 
While the majority of online gamblers are still using fiat, this move has turned out to be a shrewd one, with BetCoin already outpacing its competitors, including industry stalwart SatoshiDice

Bet your bottom satoshi 

In many ways, this is perhaps unsurprising, for Bitcoin functionality allows gambling merchants the chance to offer the irresistible, execute it securely and even prove its fairness. With its grass roots approach, however, BetCoin has taken this functionality to the next level. 

“BetCoin capitalizes on this and offers entertainment for players who would otherwise be unable to participate due to banking/monetary restrictions,” Wayne continues, adding that users can place bets as low as 0.00000100BTC. 

The accessibility model does not belie a target market of solely lower-end customers, however. “BetCoin’s large venture-capital backing allows them to offer the highest maximum bets of any Bitcoin casino, giving any person with internet access a chance to play and win big, regardless of financial status,” adds Wayne. 
“BetCoin capitalizes on this and offers entertainment for players who would otherwise be unable to participate due to banking/monetary restrictions.” 
And the investment has allowed BetCoin’s developers to produce an impressive set of credentials. Games are provided using state-of-the-art security and HTML5, mobile-enabled graphics, while “provably fair technology is used to create the outcome of each game, which is done using SHA256 AND SHA512 encrypted hashes, in such a way that the outcomes cannot be tampered with, and are truly random.” 

This, added to the existing ability of Bitcoin gamblers to independently verify each game using proof-of-work, creates the ideal of simultaneous anonymity and control which users of fiat services can only dream of. 

Meanwhile, Wayne highlights an ambitious development program, with “‘first and best in class’ bitcoin-focused bonus and affiliate systems set for release in June, and multiplayer games on the way this summer,” he says.