is a commendable website when it comes to checking the analytics of some 353 digital currencies. The site allows users to track their digital currency portfolios and data concerning latest prices and information about their digital currency of choice, whether it be Bitcoin, Dogecoin, or Kakacoin.

CoinFinance was developed by a group of designers and web developers and based in Asuncion, Paraguay. With a clear layout for users to navigate, visitors to the website will be able to search for real-time prices, rankings, and conversion rates, as well as add widgets to their websites that provide up-to-date and historic data.

The main page includes a chart of Bitcoin’s price in USD, as well as comparisons to the top three exchange websites. Users can switch the chart by day, week, or month, or simply continue to the Bitcoin ticker.

Users to the website are allowed to securely and anonymously create their unlimited crypto-currency profiles. Almost 3,000 portfolios have been created on the site so far.

CoinFinance ranks the most popular currencies by market price according to their activity over the past 24 hours, with each taken into account due to their separate economies. This list may surprise readers who never realized how many crypto-currencies exist and gives a complete view of each currency’s market.

The site also features a “Snap It Button,” which they explain as such:
“In order to keep track of your wealth and watch your progress, you need to create a “snapshot” of your current portfolio wealth. Imagine it like a “photo" of your portfolio at a determinate moment. Once you take a snap, you will see it in the wealth graph.”

Take note of this Snap It Button, fellow tax payers!

The individual pages of a crypto-currency will provide users with information such as price conversion to other currencies (USD, Euro, and Chinese Yuan), the day’s fluctuation, mining calculator, and evolution of the currency during any period of its existence. Popular news regarding that particular currency is also found on the page.

Another way CoinFinance looks out for its users is the widget that they can embed on any website, displaying up-to-date and historical data of a digital currency.

As of yet, the CoinFinance team is still working on their app for iPhones and Android devices. They also plan to allow application programming interface (API) “to allow the developer community to access the information available on the website.”

Truly a website for all crypto-currency users.