AdBlock Plus receives criticisms from technology and media industries after the company announced its plans to sell advertisements. Ironically, it decided to eliminate third party ads and embed ads of their own.

Mass Network believes a Blockchain-based monetization system is the solution.

On September 13, AdBlock Plus operations and communications director stated:

“What we were able to do is try and reverse the spread of 100 percent black-and-white ad blocking, blocking everything ... Acceptable ads was a pivot toward what we think is better.”

After all, AdBlock Plus is a company. High revenue margins are critical for the firm to support its developers, marketing departments and the rest of its employees. The company first began to monetize its software by whitelisting advertisements. Whichever advertisements AdBlock Plus perceived as ‘legitimate’ and ‘efficient’ has been approved.

From a user standpoint, AdBlock Plus is just as tiresome to deal with as other advertisements, especially if it is planning to embed ads of their own on top of the whitelisted advertisements. That means, potentially, there could be more ads appearing on a website or a platform with AdBlock Plus enabled.

Can Blockchain Save Users?

Mass Network, a Blockchain company supported by Colu, Mycelium and Waves, believes the Blockchain technology could be presented as a more efficient alternative to AdBlock Plus.

For advertisements to work and receive maximum exposure, viewers must be interested and also appreciate them. Even if ads are whitelisted on AdBlock Plus, viewers will simply ignore the ads and focus on the targeted content.

Ultimately, the only possible method of allowing viewers to see advertisements is to provide them with a type of incentive. While most media networks believe their content is the incentive, viewers feel otherwise.

Mass Network is attempting to enable viewers to receive a share of the earnings of publishers. Through Blockchain-based micropayments, viewers will earn a small amount of money each time they see an advertisement.

This way, advertisers will be satisfied with maximum exposure, viewers will appreciate a fair system of revenue distribution and publishers won’t have to deal with decreasing profits due to blocked advertisements.

In one month from now, Mass Network will be launching a crowdfunding campaign to acquire Mass Coins. According to the team, its local cryptocurrency will be launched within the Bitcoin network to maximize its security measures.

Upon the completion of its crowdfunding campaign, the Mass Network team will focus on the development and deployment of its network, which will be fully launched in March 2017.