Personal Details 

Aleksey Bragin, born in 1983, currently living in Moscow and Stockholm.


Master’s degree in computer science Ph.D. in progress — research areas include functional and logical languages, operating systems, and quantitative finance.

Professional experience and achievement 

Aleksey has been the project coordinator at ReactOS, a free and open source implementation of a Windows-compatible operating system, for a decade. He also teaches a course in operating system theor at Moscow’s State Technical University. Other projects include, the first Bitcoin futures market. 


Stock markets, software development, project management, computers, engineering, boating. 

First experience with cryptocurrencies 

A friend introduced Aleksey to Bitcoin in 2011 by sending a few bitcoins and showing him how to use a GPU miner. 

Role in the Bitcoin community 

Early adopter and evangelist, co-founder of the first Bitcoin futures market.