In a video published Wednesday on YouTube, Infowars host Alex Jones announced that his show’s store would accept Bitcoin payments both online and, um, over the phone.

“Listeners first began telling me about Bitcoin four years ago,” Jones said.

I thought it was interesting because it was a cryptocurrency. It would directly challenge the private IMF and World Bank that own and control the private Federal Reserve with its own fiat system that only enriches the banking families that set it up in 1913. So, anything that is a threat to that, I like it.”

Jones then said he waited this long to embrace the currency because he wanted to see whether it could be successful first. “I didn’t want to get involved with something until a lot of the bumps had been worked out of it,” said Jones.

Shortly thereafter, the camera cut to an over-the-shoulder shot of Jones reading from a printed copy of a web page that lists merchants that allegedly accept Bitcoin payments. One he noted was Victoria’s Secret, which itself does not accept the currency, but it does accept Gyft card payments, which can be purchased in Bitcoin.

Alex Jones is a radio host whose program is available on more than 100 stations in the US. His shows are also syndicated for online distribution, and his websites include and

The Infowars store hawks lots of doomsday preparedness merchandise such as straws with built-in water filters and seed vaults.

Not to be too hard on the guy. He is promoting Bitcoin to his audience of millions, though his promotion does carry some baggage. And some of his conspiracy theories are on point:

“All over the world, the globalists are moving to do bail-ins and steal large sections of people’s private bank accounts after taxes,” Jones said in support of Bitcoin’s “Wild West” reputation.

“Compared to the new system they’re planning to bring in, on the ashes of their old one, Bitcoin is wonderful.”

Right on cue, we have a speech delivered by Federal Reserve Vice Chairman Stanley Fischer in Stockholm in which he said, “[T]he United States is preparing a proposal to require systemically important banks to issue bail-inable long-term debt that will enable insolvent banks to recapitalize themselves in resolution without calling on government funding.”

Welcome aboard, Alex.

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