Hi, everyone!

Сointelegraph has launched a new project called Altrader Blog. I’m the Altrader, nice to meet you.
During 12 weeks I will be trading different cryptocurrencies and sharing my experience with you.

I’ve delved into the cryptocurrency world quite recently but that’s the point of the project, right? Where will an almost amateur like me eventually end up? Earning some profit or going home with empty pockets? We’ll see. I do have some knowledge, though. I’ve been catching up on analytics and related articles.

One more great thing about the project is that you may also help me. Leave your comments, give advice and I will consider using them.

Cointelegraph has given me 1 BTC and once a week I’ll be writing a post about it (making a fool of myself). I hope, not without your help, I’ll earn some money or at least I won’t be in the red by the end of the project.

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