Personal Details

Amando Boncales, born 1981, currently living in Chicago


Doctoral candidate in instructional technology, Northern Illinois University

MA in History (US Foreign Policy in Southeast Asia), Northern Illinois University

M.S.Ed in Instructional Technology, Northern Illinois University

-Graduate certificate in Museum Studies, Northern Illinois University

-BA in History, MSU-IIT, Philippines


Amando is interested in the concept Cryptocurrency Community of Practice, involving digital currency users as a community of learners, sharing technical skills to each others and facilitating exchange of ideas. He also researches the theory of Diffusion of Innovation in adapting new technology, making it easy and less painful for new users in learning and adopting digital currency as a medium of exchange.

First experience with cryptocurrencies

Amando was introduced to Bitcoin in 2010 while looking for an alternative currency in which he could sell products online.

Role in the cryptocurrency community

Amando is a proponent of altcoins. He believes that the proliferation of altcoins in the market would indicate acceptance by the people as alternative ways of doing business. “It is not the ‘death of cryptocurrency’ movement,” he says.