BTC-e is one of the most popular and famous among regular users exchange platform for various types of crypto currency met on the Internet. The service is located in the EU, Bulgaria. The developers as well as owners and top-management stay unknown to the community, but after the withdrawal of the MT.Gox from the market the popularity of the service, especially considering the deals with bitcoins enlarged. Currently, as of August 2013, the ratio is 11,2% of the overall market of bitcoin/fiat currency exchange.

The first point of our observation is the currencies – real, physical and digital, crypto – offered to the customers and users. We cannot deny the fact that the most commonly used on the market fiat currencies are also presented by the exchange service – US dollars, the EU euro, the Russian Ruble. The translation of the website to English, Russian and Chinese insist that the addition of the Chine Yuan might be a logical step to enlarge the geographical range of visitors and clients.

The crypto and digital currencies presented are following – bitcoin or BTC, litecoin or LTC, namecoin or NMC, novacoin or NVC, terracoin or TRC, PPcoin PPC, feathercoin or FTC. Still the basic currency is bitcoin allowing almost any combinations with it.

Continuing the analysis of the currencies and coins we can see that the architecture of the page is very convenient for both advanced users and beginners. All the rations between them are show on the first screen and even above all the graphs showing statistics. Lower a table of the completed deals shows the popularity of the service.

The users of the page return to it due to its advantages. For chatting and exchanging advices the troll box – the massage board is anytime open.

Does not matter which combination You choose – there is a specialized form to fill in and receive all the data of the deal. The deal matching goes on automatically. In case You do not mark a special price You are willing to buy for that process happens in an instant. Otherwise You need to wait while a matching offer appears on the resource list.

But there is the necessity to observe the service from a different point of view – from the dealers. It is not that easy for the ones who deposit real, fiat funds. There exists a list of service providing such operation. Keep in mind – it is important if this services are available for You geographic location or simply said – country. Remember the presence of fees and the possibility for them to be pretty much high.

The performance of any kind of exchange is an operation within the economics – to perform it submit You identity. Pass, driver’s license, a photo ID card or any other type. It enters the support service that will check the information and give You the allowance to continue. Recently many users criticize the support people for slow work and rude dialogs.

One more advantage to be mentioned – work MetaTrader 4 app.

Still with any rather small disadvantages the site offers one big feature – the prices for bitcoins are generally lower than anywhere else on the network.