Andreessen Horowitz (AH) is a name that is usually whispered with awe in the cryptocommunity and not without a reason. Since the beginning of the last year the venture company has threw (warning, paywall!) approximately $50 million into cryptocurrency related products.

How do they know?

Some may call it reckless, investing so much money into something that volatile and unpredictable. However, I would not worry for Mark Andreessen and the second AH co-founder Ben Horowitz. Looking back at their latest and greatest investments it seems like we shouldn’t stay in doubt but quite the opposite – run to unload our bank accounts to support cryptos.

Let’s turn to facts - AH invested 50 million of US green into Skype in September 2009, when the company was considered a rather risky enterprise to pour one’s money into. That was due to different factors but mostly competition in the face of both Google and Apple; the pressure was so big, that many thought the Skype outlived its purpose and technological novelty.