On April 1st, Cointelegraph reported on the investigation performed by Forbes’ Andy Greenberg. While he was searching for links leading to Satoshi Nakamoto, he found Hal Finney – another cryptographic genius, whose works and research results have created the strong foundation of the IT crypto-branch.
It is hard to believe that the 57-year-old ALS (amyotrophic lateral sclerosis) sufferer was once a developer and gifted mathematician. His biography and address to the public has shaken the cryptographic environment. Currently, he is able to answer simple yes/ no questions with eye movement, but cannot compose more complicated sentences with his computer and corresponding software due to the progress of the illness. 
Most of the users and even people outside the Bitcoin economy have voiced the will to help Hal Finney and raise the funds required for care and treatment. Andy Greenberg decided to continue his work and opened a wallet to pay tribute to the great scientist and man. Anyone ready to support the family is offered to donate Bitcoin and follow the campaign using this address: 18wfs69iiLUivru32EmVu4bmvrunBLptyN.  
Both, Andy Greenberg and Fran Finney (Hal’s wife) have approved this information on Twitter.