Personal Details

Anthony Di Iorio, born 1975, currently living in Toronto


Bachelor of Commerce, Ryerson University

Professional experience and achievement

Founder of Decentral; co-founder of the Ethereum Project and KryptoKit; a founding member, executive director and board member of the Bitcoin Alliance of Canada (BAC); founder of Toronto Bitcoin Meet-up. Anthony also sits on the board of the Crytpo-Currrency Certification Consortium.

Anthony and his companies work out of Decentral, a co-work/incubator/event space and home to tech startups and innovative entrepreneurs who focus on disruptive and decentralized technologies.

Before becoming involved in decentralized technology, Anthony was a business owner, investor and entrepreneur in emerging renewable (green) technologies.


Anthony’s passion is business and community-building, centered around cryptocurrencies and decentralized and disruptive technology spaces. He believes that Bitcoin and related decentralized technologies will form a significant part of our global economic, political, and social future. To help realize this end, he aims to promote and develop decentralized technologies.

First experience with cryptocurrencies

Anthony first heard about Bitcoin on Free Talk Live radio during the summer of 2012. He started reading about it and thinking about it almost obsessively. About one week later, he bought his first bitcoin using, then started the Toronto Bitcoin Meet-up & Bitcoin Alliance of Canada soon after.

Role in Bitcoin community

Business owner, community spokesperson/advocate, organizer.