When speaking of altcoins, there are many features that could differentiate them from your common Bitcoin. And when speaking of ARcoin, there may be one thing that could actually bring it some attention in the cryptocurrency world.

ARcoin Specifications

  • X13 Algorithm
  • Hybrid PoW/PoS
  • 5% PoS Interest
  • 2 hours minimum stake age
  • 500 thousand total coins
  • Tor Implementation

First, we have not seen any innovative feature that could truly separate itself from the herd. It has anonymity through Tor, yet this has proven to be both ineffective and overused in most altcoins that are being released. Not only this, ARcoin also has a relatively tiny market cap when compared to the most prominent altcoins.

With that said, one thing that could distinguish ARcoin is their promotion of the coin at Wall Street. Not to be misconstrued, the main idea behind this is to find potential investors on Wall Street. However, the promotion will be done by handing out pamphlets regarding ARcoin to potential investors and people working in finance. Now, this is where innovation ends with ARcoin, at least for now, as everything else that has been implemented has already been seen before.

According to the topic at bitcointalk, the team at ARcoin is concentrating on the event, which will take place on the August 20, 2014. However, the ARcoin team has stated that they are not stopping here:

“We are focusing now on the Wall Street event and press releases but we will certainly add new features in the future.”

Additionally, the developer has also been quite active by posting on ARcoin’s future plans:

“About the Wall Street event, we are going to have a group of girls handing out information about ARCoin to traders and business people passing by, this is our target. We want to let them know that ARCoin exists and how they can invest in it.

“Regarding future developments, we were thinking about implementing anonymous transactions, but to be honest as we see it, the network is already anonymous enough with TOR, and for any kind of "Anonymous" transactions in the crypto world, as far as we know, we would need some sort of centralization - which is not good.

“About the ETF, I do have money, and I will try to make the ETF a reality, the biggest issue is not the money but the legality, and this is what we are trying to clarify. Besides this, we are opened for any other implementations that we may see as a good potential for ARCoin.”

Feature-wise, ARcoin is certainly a solid coin with what appears to be the result of the support from the development team, although it remains to be seen whether this will continue to be the case.

However, what people look forward to these days with altcoins is real world application which we have not seen yet from ARcoin. This could certainly be a downside for the coin as there are some altcoins that do this excellently, and to this point, ARcoin fails to do that. Now we have to only wait and see the results of the Wall Street campaign along with the promised new features down the line. But as of right now, ARcoin might be nothing more than your typical run-of-the-mill altcoin.

ARcoin Team update

1. What is you strategy for future growth?

Marketing and ETF.

My first goal is already achieved, which was to have a reliable and anonymous Cryptocurrency, capable of handling transactions, transmitting and storing value.

Now I'm focusing mainly on Marketing, because in my opinion for a coin to have a significant value it has to be known in the market. I'm now in the process of finalizing the Wall Street event. Everything here is clarified and set to go, I am just waiting for the date of 20 August to make it a reality.

Along with this, I'm trying to clarify with Switzerland Authorities the possibility of making an ETF for ARCoin.

This may sound a crazy Idea, but I'm really willing to accomplish this. And I will do whatever it takes to make this a reality. Just like I did all what I could for the Wall Street event to be a reality, and it will be on August 20.

I think an ETF would completely change the scenario of ARCoin, because this would give the possibility to common investors, Portfolio Managers and Banking Services all around the world to invest in ARCoin, which is part of the brand new Cryptocurrency market.

In other words, this would bring a huge amount of potential demand to ARCoin.

2. Are you planning to introduce your coin to any new exchanges?

Sure, all exchanges are welcome. I already contacted many exchanges but its up to the exchanges to take the decision of adding ARCoin.

3. Are you working on any new features (crypto 2.0) on top of your blockchain?

I'm open to implementing any potential additional features into ARCoin that may add value to it. But for now I see the coin as a stable Cryptocurrency, just like Bitcoin, and this is the most important. 

4. For what type of transactions is your coin most suited for?

There isn't really any specific kind of transactions that ARCoin is intended to be used for. This is up to the ARCoin users so they can use ARCoin for whatever they wish.

However, I don't support the use of ARCoin for any kind of illegal activities.