AsiaDigiCoin (ADCN), a relatively new PoW cryptocurrency powered by the Scrypt algorithm, is being developed by a team of veteran software and web development professionals with projects including aiars already under their belt. Their aim is to take on the market of digital coins in Asia and become a principal player there.

In a world of high banking fees, financial middlemen, and strict government regulation, financial disintermediation is exactly the solution that enables regular people to enjoy the privilege of banking at a less-than-prohibitive cost. AsiaDigiCoin hopes to provide just that.

There are already many cryptocurrencies out there, striving for survival in the market that ADCN has chosen for itself. To ensure their prosperity in such a saturated environment, the coin’s team has established a huge base of contacts across Asia and secured promotion deals with them.

AsiaDigiCoin ADCN

The developers don’t fear competition from the established big players. On the contrary – they believe that strong rivalry between the Asian digital currencies will make sure that only the best ones receive recognition and acceptance in the region.

In the struggle for a place on the Asian market, ADCN has one principal advantage: its supreme accessibility. Its 60-second block times and lighter-than-Bitcoin Scrypt mining, as well as the existence of an established mining pool, ensure that it can be easily mined by those who have been denied entry into the Bitcoin market by the expensiveness of the mining equipment and operations.

The team behind AsiaDigiCoin was assembled back in 2015, under the leadership of Inderjeet Singh. Besides the already mentioned aiars, they have also worked on IndiaBlooms, Bacchat and several other projects.

As of the time of writing (March 1st, 2016), there is one existing faucet which allows users to get AsiaDigiCoin for free and try it out: MULTIFAUCET; three or four more are in development, scheduled to launch within a week.

ADCN is currently traded on multiple exchanges: C-Cex, BTCPool, and alcurex just to name a few.

Additional information and miner and wallet downloads are available on the official AsiaDigiCoin website.

How did you assemble the team for this project? Is there some core vision that you all share?

Yes, we have assembled a team of highly qualified engineers to work on this project. We share a core vision that will lead to magnificent and outstanding performance of the cryptocurrency in the future.  We are really working hard to take asiadigicoin to the next level of cryptocurrency.

You claim that AsiaDigiCoin’s primary advantage is its accessibility to the general public. What actual features have you implemented, or plan to implement, to ensure that ease of access?

As mentioned, Asiadigicoin is a P2P client application, which works on each and every digital environment. Its easier usability makes it more accessible to the public. Its highlighted features ensures full validation i.e. asiadigicoin core client ensures every transaction and block is validated to ensure full control of ADCN. Asiadigicoin also ensures better privacy for each transaction.  Asiadigicoin also has a better user interface and supports other peers.

What do you feel about competition in your market? Was it hard to launch and get initial traction there?

As it is a well-designed platform, focused on easy integration and use of peer technology, it is well-liked by its users for its high accessibility. The users have already begun to spread the word through social media and other networks. Initially it was hard to work on. Now it has a steady growth, since its public release. Yes, there are lots of competitors in the market, but its popularity and ease of use makes it very appealing for users in the market.

Are you building any additional, non-standard services for your coin, besides the usual exchanges, faucets and mining pools?

Besides the usual exchanges, faucets and mining pools, our main focus is on third-party merchants. We have already started collaborating with some of the leading merchants. Some of the leading companies are working on Asiadigicoin payment processes.  We are in the process of implementation with retail merchants as a Simple POS to accept Asiadigcoin. We are working on API access for those merchants who are coding their own solutions. Asiadigicoin will offer tools to integrate e-commerce into websites. We have integrated the process with leading companies like coinpayments.

What is the general plan for ADCN? What vision do you have for the coin in five years’ time?

Asiadigicoin has the vision to overcome and replace the other physical and virtual currencies available all over the world. We want to expand asiadigicoin up from Asia to Europe to the whole world. The world is moving aggressively to accept this emerging coin and we are very aggressive, very innovative and enthusiastic about the issues ahead. As mentioned earlier, asiadigicoin being an integrated payment method is our primary and main vision in upcoming years as a part of our larger plan.