Customers who decide to pay 1 BTC for a photographer services in studio will receive an AU$400 voucher. This is 50% discount based on BTC/AUD exchange rate at the time this promotion has started.

In an interview to CoinDesk Mohammand Soltany, who helps his wife Azam Vahabzadeh with the technical side of the photography studio, said that inconvenient banking system rules and process of Australia influenced on Seagull Photography studio owners to promote bitcoins in business. He added that “It takes one full business day to receive the payment from another bank which is effectively three calendar days if the payment is done on Friday. As a business we think that this is not acceptable.”

About eighty percent of Soltani customers prefer to pay for services using different bank transfers but it takes days or even more to receive payments. While people move their money from one bank to another Soltani business suffers from payment delays. Nowadays certificated photographers services are not enough popular, people don’t come in studio in a row. Solatni believes that similar small businesses could use cryptocyrrency payments benefits: “As a photography business, we were ready to accept bitcoin but we were not sure if any of the clients will be interested in paying by bitcoin, so we just decided to do this promotion and find out.”

“My advice is to add bitcoin to the list of your acceptable payment methods. Photography businesses are not like a retail store and don’t deal with lots of customers. So it’s easy to handle the overhead caused by accepting new payment methods,” he added. Soltani understands that Australians do not trust bitcoin yet. It must take some time to understand all its benefits. More steps of bitcoin currency legitimizing must be taken. “We just hope that this little drop will make some ripples and will spread to other Aussie businesses.”