Personal Details

Barry Goldwon, born 1985, currently in Birmingham, United Kingdom


Fortismere High School, University of Cambridge, a Course in Arts and Humanities

Professional experience and achievement

Barry has been a Customer Service Representative for James Webber Recruitment Ltd. He also have worked in various industries as well, but providing customer support has always been a passion and strength of his.

 After working at JWR Ltd. for over a year, he moved to Birmingham to further his studies on new media, and he has been hired by Best Bitcoin Casino as a Customer Service Manager.

 Now, Barry is also the Website Administrator, and he manages the general operations and customer liaisons of the company. His goal is to distribute accurate and top-notch Bitcoin casino games information to the community.

He currently handles the daily reportage of news about Bitcoin, casino brands, gaming market trends, and the innovations that posit significant impacts on the digital currency and the Bitcoin gambling industry.

He also regularly conducts straightforward reviews of various Bitcoin casinos to expand the current catalog of well over 100 brands and present visually attractive and informative special infographics —all for the benefit of the readership.

Barry has thorough knowledge and experience in the market, and it proves useful in making connections with the Bitcoin brands.


Bitcoin, Bitcoin Casinos, Customer Service, Travel, Photography, Blogging and Writing

First experience with cryptocurrencies

Barry got his first experience with cryptocurrency, specifically Bitcoin, when he was assigned to manage a Bitcoin Casino Website which is Best Bitcoin Casino, a website that aims to provide the Bitcoin community with the best knowledge on Bitcoin casinos. This was a starting point for his extensive study of cryptography and its potential to help the online gambling industry prosper. It has also led to a vast research on Bitcoin casinos, their thriving industry, and of course, Bitcoin.

While doing his tasks and job, he was assigned to try and play different Bitcoin games and try out casino websites. Although, most of Bitcoin casinos have free play options, they sometimes use company's BTC budget for working and playing Bitcoin games at different casino sites.

Role in the Bitcoin community

Contributor to Best Bitcoin Casino but as time goes by, would very gladly cater the Bitcoin Gaming, Casino and Gambling Industry. Marketing Specialist for Best Bitcoin Casino but growing to work in a different industry that might be in cooperation with growing Bitcoin industry.