Following the likes of Amsterdam and Madrid, the city of Ghent, Belgium is the newest Bitcoincity, a commerce center where a variety of merchants accept the cryptocurrency as payment.

To celebrate the good news and further their outreach efforts, the Ghent Bitcoincity team have decided to host a crypto crawl on April 18.

Ghent Bitcoincity team member Andreas Wauters writes that the crawl's attendees will “get an explanation about how Bitcoin works, how they can use the currency, and where in Ghent they can spend it. Using a map, they will then go out to explore the city.”

And just how many merchants will have a “B” next to their location on Ghent's map? Wauters says:

“While at the start of the year no more than three businesses accepted the digital currency in the capital of East-Flanders, that number has since grown to around 20.”

Most of the merchants on the crawl are using Bitkassa to accept crypto payments, which converts the digital money to euros and then makes a bank deposit for them (similar to BitPay). The crawl area also offers a BTM (Bitcoin Teller Machine) stationed inside Outpost Gamecenter

But the icing on the cake is free beer—Belgian beer. Wauters continues:

“The first one hundred attendees will receive a starter kit with a pint’s worth of free bitcoins provided by Anycoin Direct, and a Bitcoin guide with exclusive discounts and some educational material and gadgets.”

Joining Wauters on the Ghent Bitcoincity team are Robbert Coeckelbergh, Roeland Creve, Wouter Glorieux, Mike Rosseel and Filip Roose, pictured below.

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