Amanda B. Johnson

Amanda is the host of The Daily Decrypt, a video newscast that covers innovation in cryptocurrency and P2P technologies.


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NOV 07, 2015

The Weekly Decrypt: Tipping, Topping & 16 Coins Rocking

NOV 05, 2015

BitMarkets Beats OpenBazaar to Market - for OSX, Anyway

NOV 04, 2015

Hacker in Africa Codes Bitcoin to M-Pesa Bot: 'I Had Some Spare Time'

NOV 03, 2015

'We Want to Bring Peaceful Alternatives to a Litigious Society' – Dan 'Bytemaster' Larimer

OCT 31, 2015

The Weekly Decrypt: Bot, Millionaire, Reward & Tangle

OCT 30, 2015

LBRY: The Lovechild of Bitcoin, BitTorrent & Storj

OCT 29, 2015

World's First DAPI: Decentralized Application Programming Interface

OCT 25, 2015

The Weekly Decrypt: Cryptsy Insolvent?; First Trustless Physical Bitcoin Released

JUL 07, 2015

9 Ways to Buy Bitcoin without a Bank Account

JUL 04, 2015

Trestor's €2,000 Crypto Loans Could Beat Bitcoin at Aiding Greece

JUL 03, 2015

Crypto Collider: New 'E-Money Sport' for Hedging & Trading

JUL 02, 2015

It's Official: Backpage Forced into Cryptocurrency-Only Business

JUL 01, 2015

Is Bitcoin the 'Mark of the Beast'? (Op-Ed)

JUN 23, 2015

LastPass Gets Hacked – Time for Passwordless Logins?

JUN 22, 2015

Why Bitcoin Should Fork Like a Hunter-Gatherer Tribe (Op-Ed)