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The ProTip extension for Chrome has been upgraded to version one. ProTip is the closest thing to Patreon's pull-model in crypto right now (being your own bank is the “push” model). ProTip has been designed to let content consumers automatically tip out all their favorite content creators each week by loading up the in-browser ProTip wallet. The wallet tracks the user's time spent on any page throughout the week which features a Bitcoin address, and divides the goods up among them without requiring further input.

This telling image was spotted at a magazine rack in a Barnes & Noble:

Telling barnes and noble rack


Bitwala has joined Coinimal in offering a Bitcoin-to-PayPal top-up service. The companies charge account holders no fee for this service, but users must still pay PayPal's commercial transaction fee.

Developers at Streamium have reached out to their user-base to see who's who among their earliest adopters. They've found that roughly half their streamers are “cam girls” – the ladies of the night (and day) who sell their charms and beauty over chat sessions. Streamium's developers expect that cam girls have found refuge in their protocol due to Bitcoin's impossibility of chargebacks, Streamium's ability to accept “test payments” before full purchase, and its lack of fees.

Streamium logo


OpenLedger is the web-based version of BitShares 2.0 – the “Graphene” wallet. Beyond its wallet, there are also user-issued assets, a user-issued asset exchange, a centralized exchange gateway, a decentralized exchange (or “dex,” though it's reported to have low liquidity), a voting section, and more. Some say that banks and financial institutions – if they still exist in the future – will use OpenLedger/Graphene.

The Economist has awarded Satoshi Nakamoto with the No Boundaries Award at the Innovation Awards & Summit 2015 for his creation of “a digital currency for peer-to-peer transactions.”

The economist award


Payment processor Coinify has gone from allowing merchants to accept bitcoin to equipping them to accept a total of 16 cryptocurrencies. Among them are Ether, Dogecoin, Reddcoin, Nubits, StorjX, and Counterparty.

Сoinify supports 16 currencies

Cold storage expert MyCryptoVault has published an interest piece on how to hide money in photographs. Using the now-vintage Microsoft Paint, the blog details how breaking an imported photo down by colors can generate the random 64 characters needed to create a public-private key pair for a Bitcoin address.


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