Cryptonomex is a company which offers “custom blockchain development” to businesses. Its specialty is to craft products, which live in the Graphene blockchain library (the wallet and trading software most notable for cataloguing BitShares). Specifically, Cryptonomex assists companies in creating DACs (decentralized autonomous companies) and/or to issue asset tokens.

Cryptonomex founder Dan Larimer – or as he's better known to the Internet, “Bytemaster” – recently told Forbes:

“We’re happy to help big institutions with their proprietary goals […] But we also hope to interest them in neutral public platforms like OpenLedger and Identabit. If you insist on keeping a blockchain closed, you rob it of its most transformative viral powers. We’ll be making that point [to potential clients] in spades this fall.”

Larimer told Cointelegraph more about Cryptonomex (of which his father Stan Larimer is president) and where he sees blockchain usage going.

Cointelegraph: Why was Cryptonomex founded?

Daniel Larimer: Cryptonomex was founded because we have a lot of very smart and talented individuals from the BitShares community that all have a common goal: we want to bring peaceful alternatives to a litigious society. We hope to accomplish this by introducing innovative blockchain technologies that make a difference. (And to raise funds and make money to achieve these goals faster.)

Dan “Bytemaster” Larimer

- Dan “Bytemaster” Larimer

CT: What exactly does Cryptonomex offer in terms of products or service?

DL: Cryptonomex offers consulting and blockchain customization services consisting of C++ and web development.  Many of our services build on top of our core products, which include the Graphene blockchain library and the Graphene Exchange, which provides a full cryptocurrency exchange-in-a-box. Our customers for the Graphene Exchange are startup exchanges that need software to run their exchange. Cryptonomex does not run any exchanges of its own nor does it accept deposits of fiat or cryptocurrency.

You can think of Graphene as the Windows/MacOS/LINUX of blockchain based businesses.  We help entrepreneurs bring their blockchain-based business ideas to market in weeks, not months or years by giving them a real-time platform and ready-based business applications to build on.

CT: Does Cryptonomex work solely with Bitshares-based tokens, or do you interact with other blockchains, as well?

DL: Cryptonomex mostly works with the Graphene blockchain library, which is used by multiple blockchains including BitShares, Muse, Identabit, and Play. The latter two have not yet been launched.  We also build private Graphene-based blockchains for banking institutions.

CT: What has been your proudest moment at Cryptonomex?

DL: The successful launch of BitShares 2.0 based on Graphene and relatively smooth migration from BitShares 1.0.


CT: Which projects utilizing Cryptonomex should readers be on the watch for?

DL: MUSE and Identabit are the two biggest at the moment, though there are some major innovations that have not been publicly disclosed at this point.  You should, of course, also watch BitShares since it has the biggest ecosystem of entrepreneurs bringing new features to it all the time.

“Our next generation blockchain technology will enable unlimited transaction volume with sub-second confirmation times, while enabling complete interoperability between all blockchains.”

CT: What's next for Cryptonomex?

DL: We ultimately believe that all businesses and websites will be migrating to blockchain-based solutions. Our focus is moving toward interoperability and high performance blockchain technology that is free from any native currency. Our next generation blockchain technology will enable unlimited transaction volume with sub-second confirmation times, while enabling complete interoperability between all blockchains.

CT: You have an internship position open. What are the details?

DL: We are looking to inspire new and upcoming developers in the Blacksburg, VA area who happen to have a passion for blockchain technology. Anyone with C++, javascript, react js and web experience would be able to learn a lot from our talented team here at Cryptonomex.

Dan's father Stan Larimer is the president of Cryptonomex. Watch Stan's chat with the road warriors of the BitShares P2P Tour: