What happened in cryptocurrency innovation this week? You asked, and The Daily Decrypt has answered. Here's a recap of the top headlines we reported on this week:


CryptoGrind is the Fiverr that pays freelancers in bitcoin. Employers can search for freelancers in online marketing, audio/video production, writing, programming, and more. The service launched a month ago and also acts as escrow between employer and freelancer.


Sato.sh has launched an invite-only beta phase. It's a new social network that pays users in bBitcoin for submitting content that gets upvoted – like a Reddit with incentives. Request an invitation to Sato.sh here.



Cryptothrift rebranded to Bitify. They're an eBay-like auction site for people who buy and sell in both bitcoin and litecoin. For sale is everything from gift cards to real estate, cars to jewelry. Bitify also provides escrow service.


Shipcoin will print and pay for your USPS shipping labels for you in exchange for bitcoin. Just visit their site, enter your shipping information, pay the bill, and receive your print-able label.



Cryptsy users continue to report that the exchange is withholding deposited money and not responding to requests for withdrawal. Traders beware.

The Russian crypto publication Forklog has decided to take their fundraising efforts in an entirely new direction. They've issued a Forklog Asset on the NXT Asset Exchange, which sold over 300,000 NXT (~US$220) within its first few hours on the exchange.

NXT Asset


The physical bitcoin manufacturer Denarium announced the release of the first “trustless” physical bitcoin: the 2-of-2 multisignature coin. A buyer generates their own private key and Denarium generates the other, but only the Denarium private key is placed on the physical coin. This ensures that even if Denarium dishonestly (or accidentally) retains the coin's private key, only the coin's owner has the 2-of-2 signing capabilities to spend it.


Ucontrol.TV has rigged up an Internet-of-things for charitable givers. Users who donate to the below addresses can watch water pour from buckets on live Ucontrol TV.

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