Perseus Telecom isn’t a household name, but it’s high-speed network connects stock and securities exchanges around the world, offering the fastest connections between exchanges in New York and Brazil and between New York and London.

Seismic movements are communicated via Perseus’ network.

And, thus, Perseus Telecom’s decision to hook up with GoCoin to accept Bitcoin payments is itself a seismic shift.

Perseus CEO Jock Percy described Bitcoin as “a valuable digital asset and form of payment.” He also noted that it was his gaming customers, and not the traditional financial customers, who spurred this decision.

“They reached out to us and a couple of them said: ‘We would like to pay in bitcoin because it’s the currency of our user base,” Percy said.

Nevertheless, he said he sees the financial customers as one huge area for potential growth.

That potential, in the business-to-business world, faces a steeper hill than it does in the B2C markets, where businesses sell directly to customers.

Sure, and Tiger Direct can implement Bitcoin payment processing and rally a core group of customers. But the Bitcoin-as-a-platform argument could really take root now that a company such as Perseus has gotten on board.

If Bitcoin goes mainstream in the B2B marketplace, watch out. The currency’s ability to circumvent many global trade restrictions — and in turn make a lot of people fabulously rich — could revolutionize a number of industries.