Biggest Known Bitcoin Purchase – a $500 000 Villa

There are many expensive lots on BitPremier,but the recent acquirement of a 3000-square-foot villa is not only the priciestof them but also one of the largest known transactions of Bitcoin.

The Villa

The villa is stated in Bali, Idonesia at deLMango Villa Estate. The design is abeautiful transition from the inner space of the house to the outside. Inaddition to a couple of bedrooms and bathrooms the complex also features a swimmingpool and dining pavilion.

However, because of Indonesian law,the committed act of trade is not exactly a purchase but a long-term lease.Although the buyer remains anonymous, it is known that he/ she was among the firstwho saw value in Bitcoin in the US and that he will rent the place totenants instead of living there his/ herself.

Big Numbers

If we exclude the largest transactionthat was made to one wallet (the BitStamp’s194,933 BTC audit), then we can assume that this is currently the biggest onethere is. The previous cryptocurrency purchase on a similar scale was theacquisition of the Tesla Model S, at a price of $103 000.

When I hear about news like this, I haveexactly three thoughts. First, the buyer mined Bitcoin when no one knew what inthe hell it was. Second, someone bought a great deal of Bitcoin in his time andwhen the price for it began to fall, he or she decided to get rid of it withclass. And finally, why weren’t the woollymammoth tusks bought?