On Friday November 27th the Bitcoin Black Friday website will open its doors again with offers from several merchants. Bitcoin spenders will be able to buy goods at rock bottom prices for 24 hours only.

Bitcoin Black Friday, founded in 2012 by Jon Holmquist, is going to open in a few hours from now, hosting a number of merchants that adhere to the initiative. The website traditionally only remains open for one day. As from previous years, Bitcoin supporters are expected to take advantage of the offers, as well as spread the word about it for the good of Bitcoin reputation.

This year the list of merchants includes over 150 names, notable between them we can find REEDS Jewelers, a large chain of jewelers shops offering discounts on their products; Nestorgames, seller of board games of all shapes and sizes; Bitsoap with its particular soap molded in the shape of a Bitcoin (or what they think a Bitcoin looks like!); Mixedtees, with a range of T-shirts, hoodies and more; Namecheap, will offer discounts for its services such as domain name registration and web hosting.

The full list of sellers, deals and discounts will be published on the 27th at the opening of the website.

We’ve asked Jon, the founder, some questions about the site history and Bitcoin:

Cointelegraph: How did you come up with the idea for Bitcoin Black Friday?

Jon Holmquist: The first year, in 2012, I was working with a couple of bitcoin merchants, I was running a sale for them on Black Friday and I looked around the space and reached out to a couple other merchants I had worked with and asked if they would be interested in joining and making it a sort of event. The first year we actually held the event a couple weeks before Black Friday.

Jon Holmquist

CT: Have you seen a positive or negative trend in sellings over time? Or is it stable?

JH: We've generally seen a bit of a bump on Black Friday, but generally I think the actual spending doesn't affect the price very much. There isn't a whole lot of consumer volume compared to the daily trade volume.

But I think the positive press and news ends up affecting the price.

CT: Are you taking any actions on a personal basis (like introducing it to friends and relatives) to spread the adoption of Bitcoin?

JH: Oh dear, sure! My friends and family know all about Bitcoin.

I've been involved in crypto since 2011, I have something like 15 bitcoin/crypto T-shirts and hoodies (most of them from Mixedtees.com, love those guys), half of my computers are plastered with bitcoin stickers, the other half has bitcoin desktop pictures. I'm a big of an activist!

The opening is planned for just past 00:00 EST, so if you live in Europe this will be 5:00 AM GMT. We warmly suggest you take your cold storage wallet and make a transfer to a live one, so to have some BTC ready!