Bitcoin Empowered Art

The music industry has been dominated by big record labels for decades. They have the power to turn an emerging artist into a pop culture sensation. This golden ticket to wealth and fame unfortunately comes with many strings attached, and the music industry has developed a reputation for sucking the soul out of art in order to increase profits. With evolving technology, artists are empowered to cut out the middleman and take ownership of their career.

A new movement is taking place in the world of music and art. It’s a movement around a decentralized crypto currency called bitcoin. Bitcoin is a peer to peer technology that can provide near instant transactions of value or information. While the technology is still relatively new to the mainstream, many artists have already incorporated bitcoin into their funding and distribution models.

The first and most simple way for an artist to raise funds with bitcoin, is to provide a bitcoin tipping address on all of their online content. This allows the audience to digitally send small amounts of money without the expensive processing fees associated with credit cards and programs like PayPal.

The Jitterbug Vipers are the first band in Austin, Texas, the live music capitol of the world, known to accept bitcoin and promote it on stage. They have a bitcoin QR code printed and attached to their tip bucket and posted on their facebook page. Other area artists, like San Antonio Violinist, Sarah Stollak, find ways to attach their bitcoin tipping address onto their instrument itself.

The Jitterbug Vipers

Some music groups have been formed specifically around bitcoin. Zhou Tong covers popular tunes with the lyrics changed to bitcoin themes. Fans who visit the Zhou Ton Youtube channel will f