GBMiners creator Amit Bhardwaj has released a book on cryptocurrency for beginners despite allegations he is running a Ponzi scheme.

As Indian news resource Factor Daily reports quoting research from CoinJournal and The Caravan, Bhardwaj is currently subject to a petition calling for his arrest.

Today nonetheless a cover of Indian newspaper The Hindu contains a full-page advertisement for his book, ‘Cryptocurrency for Beginners,’ which is available online priced at 1,499 rupees ($23.15).

Bhardwaj’s GBMiners currently controls just over three percent of Bitcoin’s network hash rate, while two other projects, Gainbitcoin and AmazeMiners, of which he is CEO, are subject to suspicion.

Specifically, participants signing up to Gainbitcoin allegedly receive 100 percent profits with no expenditure necessary, something which under normal conditions makes no logical sense.

“He repeatedly contradicted himself, and was evasive about the relationship between GBMiners and Gainbitcoin,” Caravan journalist Aria Thaker meanwhile reported on interviewing Bhardwaj.

“He also admitted, with casual ease, that he had lied to his investors about crucial information regarding Gainbitcoin’s investments (‘They feel good, right? When they get high information,’ he told me about his customers, after admitting to using inflated figures on Gainbitcoin’s website).”

The petition makes specific reference to AmazeMiners, meanwhile, noting Bhardwaj’s Facebook post about its commission from April contains mostly “comments about payout grievances.”

“I request you all to sign this petition asking the Commissioner of Police, Delhi to arrest Mr. Amit Bhardwaj and make him compensate (sic) all those he has scammed,” the petition concludes.