Amsterdam-based Coinzone, partners up with payment processing company Zebrapay, to introduce Bitcoin transactions to 1,000 self-service terminals.

The implementation of Coinzone's API into ZebraPay terminals will enable customers to use Bitcoin to purchase many products and services, including vignettes, pre-paid phone cards, magazine's subscriptions, as well as paying bills and making online payments, reads a company's announcement.

ZebraPay's CEO, Adrian Badea, shared his excitement and highlighted his company's focus on offering a wide range of payment methods to his customers. He added:

"The Coinzone platform integrates perfectly with our existing payment methods: cash and through the SEQR application. Innovation is a milestone at ZebraPay and with this implementation we have become the first company of our kind in Romania."

ZebraPay's CEO, Adrian Badea

Coinzone's solution offers an interface that works for both mobile and online payments and includes an online checkout page available in 11 different languages, integration with online shopping carts such as Magento, Prestashop and WooCommerce, mobile POS apps for Android and iPad/iPhone and a versatile API for custom integrations.

According to Manuel Heilmann, CEO at Coinzone, the Romanian market is a hub of innovation regarding Bitcoin payments. He explained:

"The market is at its early start and people are still being educated on the wide range of advantages which using Bitcoin brings. We are excited to offer Bitcoin users in Romania a flawless solution to pay their bills through the partnership between Coinzone and ZebraPay."

Heilmann added that his company was currently working on offering similar solutions in other countries as well.

Manuel Heilmann, CEO at Coinzone

Targeting Europe

Based in the Netherlands, Coinzone is a Bitcoin business that holds the ultimate mission of providing "the best user experience that eliminates boundaries and complexities of payments," reads the company's website. Targeting specifically Europe and emerging markets, the startup launched its website in late May and had announced earlier this month, the launch of its Bitcoin payment gateway - a system that the company asserts as being easy-to-use and intuitive.

"As a European company, our focus has been from the get-go to provide a fully localized user experience to Bitcoin users and businesses with a solution that is being developed in Europe for Europe," explained Heilmann.

Things are moving fast in Romania and Coinzone isn't the first Bitcoin startup that has understood that enabling merchants with the ability to accept Bitcoin was a fundamental element in the process of bringing Bitcoin to the wider mainstream market. Last week, Romanian Bitcoin exchange BTCXChange announced it had partnered up with one of the major mobile payment processors in the country, Netopia mobilPay, to enable Bitcoin as a payment method to 6,000 Romanian merchants. Explaining his company's recent move, CEO and founder of Netopia mobilPay, Antonio Eram, expressed his excitement and stated:

"Bitcoin's potential, especially concerning the technology that it is based on, is phenomenal. [It’s] instrumental for the next evolutionary phase of everything online, not necessarily [limited] to payment services."

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