Bitcoin awareness grows in Sardinia, Italy, the island otherwise called ‘The Lonely Planet.’ Associazione Bitcoin Sardegna is engaged in the promotion and advancement of Bitcoin and Blockchain technology through advocacy, education and support for adoption.

A fertile ground for Bitcoin

Francesco Piras, President of Associazione Bitcoin Sardegna, tells Cointelegraph that the organisation is comprised of  enthusiasts who believe that Bitcoin can be a revolution, just as happened in the nineties with the Internet.

According to Piras, Sardinia is a fertile ground where insularity is not an obstacle for Bitcoin, but can be the incentive to mature experiences and global skills.

“The Association wants to help, through a network of public relations, in promoting the dissemination of this technology in Sardinia. Our members include some of the pioneers of the Internet in Italy and those who launched the first web services in Europe.” Says Piras.

Aims and objectives

Associazione Bitcoin Sardegna started on September 10 2015 with the objectives of promoting the use of Bitcoin as a way to transfer and storage of value, encourage the diffusion of Bitcoin into the society, and promote training in the use and development of the cryptocurrency.

Other objectives of the association includes encouraging research and development activities and initiatives that are connected with Bitcoin, encourage studies and research on the Blockchain or similar protocols and applications, organizing conferences, and events at both national and international levels that are functional to the pursuit of these objectives.

Activities and functions

Piras says that Associazione Bitcoin Sardegna functions by organizing regular meetups where training and open discussions are carried out.

“We really believe in networking and collaboration that is created in the sector.”

Associazione Bitcoin Sardegna currently runs an office in Cagliari with no plans to expand in terms of new locations, says Piras.

“The local community is constantly growing, and compared with the national one we have a good percentage of people interested in Bitcoin.”

Ideal environment for expansion

Currently there is no specific legislation on Bitcoin in Sardinia. However, Piras says that his association is working towards supporting the local government in the study and experimentation on the entire Bitcoin and Blockchain development.

Prias concludes by saying that Associazione Bitcoin Sardegna aims at expanding not only in the number of subscribers, but also in the number of businesses that accept payments in cryptocurrencies.

“We would like to become a local landmark on all matters concerning the blockchain and crypto.”