Update (09.10.2014): The Bitcoin to Business Congress has announced a partnership with Transactioncoin to enable it to offer even more inclusivity by lowering its ticket prices.

The sponsorship will allow organizers to promote the event in the spirit of Bitcoin, welcoming attendees for whom the regular price of Bitocni conferences is unaffordable.

“It was against our idea of having friendly atmosphere and make our events accessible to everyone. Every Bitcoin Conference has a high ticket prices which goes against the philosophy of the Bitcoin,” the conference team wrote in a press release yesterday.

Transactioncoin is a new-generation P2P altcoin which features merge mining with SHA256 or Scrypt-based coins, as well as mitigation elements to offset the side-effects of mining, notably cost and electricity consumption.

It has also been confirmed that Christian Ander will also be joining the list of speakers.

Tickets for the conference are now available starting from 99EUR.

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The Bitcoin to Business Congress will take place in Brussels on October 16-17, 2014. After the successful Central European Bitcoin Expo 2014 in Vienna, the organizers of the even are planning a B2B Congress in October. For the first time ever, the event will be held in Brussels, the de facto capital of the European Union. The event is specifically designed for entrepreneurs and will offer "a totally new experience in the crypto currency ecosystem!" according to the official website.

A different kind of Bitcoin conference

The Bitcoin to Business Congress will be exclusively organized for companies that want to expand, evolve and seek new connections from other important international players searching for new opportunities to get involved in the Bitcoin industry. The conference is also aimed at those who want to know the ins-and-outs of Bitcoin. The B2B congress will discuss progress and innovation. It will include various speeches and keynotes from supervisors like Adam Vaziri, Martin Westhead, Lutz Auffenberg, and Stanislav Wolf.

Those who want to attend the Bitcoin to Business Congress will have to purchase a ticket, and the debates will be moderated and coordinated by the speakers. They speaker will welcome the audience to participate in the discussion and contribute with ideas.

The Bitcoin Congress is a B2B event dedicated to companies rather than to individual consumers, and it will include various types of match-making meetings. Entrepreneurs will have the chance to arrange meetings, talk about money, and get together with some of the world's most skilled Bitcoin specialists. Meeting rooms have to be reserved beforehand, however, it's also possible to make a reservation during the Congress.

“Part of our Agenda will be dedicated specially to Start-ups. They will have time to present their projects and approach the investors” says the organizing team and concludes “Start-ups in any stage of development are invited!”

Start-Up show is definitely a very interesting added value to the Congress. Among other confirmed speakers aka Topic Supervisors you can find well known personalities and Bitcoin ambassadors such as Matthew Roszak, Moe Levin from BitPay, Vitalik Buterin or Jacob Hansen from CrowdCurity which recently raised $1 Million to Crowdsource Security for Bitcoin Startups and many others.

The Agenda is now available on the official Congress website. Topics are designed to cover the most important issues concerning monetary future, business, merchant adoption of Bitcoin, regulation, investment etc. Every topic is expected to raise debates and some will include panel discussions to make sure we get the general point of view.

When? Where? How much?

Venture capitals, investors, entrepreneurs, big businesses, and start-ups, are all welcomed to attend the congress. Raise awareness of your company and purchase your ticket in advance with bitcoins or credit card. Don´t miss your chance to be a part of this amazing and first of its kind event and get your ticket as soon as possible while the Earlybird prices last.  Early bird tickets are €360 for 2 days and they will be available until September 17, 2014. While a one-day ticket costs €310.

About the Organizers

The organizers of the Bitcoin Congress in Brussels are famous for putting together some of the most unique conferences and official events dedicated to Bitcoin. In 2013, they organized Bitcoin Expo London - a seminar that gathered over 1,500 attendees. In May, the Organizers of Central European Bitcoin Expo managed to get important personalities from Europe at the Central European Bitcoin Expo in Vienna. Another striking event was CEBExpo, Bitcoin's first live streamed conference with an astounding impact and thousands of avid viewers.