Roses are red,
Violets are blue,
Bitcoin is awesome,
And so are you.

You want your romantic feelings for Bitcoin to be mutual? Why not celebrate Valentine’s Day reflecting on whether Bitcoin actually loves you back?

Your love for Bitcoin is reflected in Bitcoin price. But did you know that the larger the adoption is, the higher the value?

Bitcoin is not universally loved yet, but its beauty is attracting many across the globe and influences all aspects of human development.

Yours, Bitcoin xoxo

Hesham Rehman, CEO & co-founder of, describes the Bitcoin love by merchants and retailers worldwide as a huge phenomenon. According to Rehman, there are over 100,000 merchants that are presently falling in love with Bitcoin:

“The digital currency has been accepted in all forms of transaction all over the financial markets, nations and companies, such as Microsoft, Dell, Wikipedia, Expedia and PayPal despite the frequent ups and downs seen in Bitcoin price and volume.”

Rehman says that being a valuable digital currency that is accepted by many sellers in a virtual business nowadays, Bitcoin can be easily used to shop products like t-shirts, mugs, jewelry, trophies and much more from anywhere around the globe.

Merchants accepting Bitcoin is a phenomenon that is experiencing an exponential growth. These include educational institutes such as Nexxus University which runs different levels of courses and people can pay for them in Bitcoins. Gift cards are also bought in Bitcoins which are redeemable on Amazon and other merchant sites.

Despite the progress made so far by Bitcoin, its full potential will only be realized when the common man achieves a significant everyday application of the technology. For this to happen, all hands must be on deck.

Cupid’s job

Bitcoin’s formal adoption involves government legislation and the official recognition of Bitcoin by central banks and top financial institutions around the world.

This particular scenario seems a bit far-fetched as it will automatically bring these bodies to relinquish a huge part of that which they cherish so much - control.

The second aspect of Bitcoin adoption is the natural adoption when more and more people keep embracing the technology.

With a market capitalization of over $17 bln as at the time of writing, more and more investments are drawn into the Bitcoin ecosystem on a daily basis.

These investments include improving the Bitcoin technology, investments in trade and its adoption as a safe haven by embattled economies among others. The question has moved from “if” Bitcoin will go mainstream to “when” Bitcoin will go mainstream.

How to fall in love with Bitcoin

President of Crypto Consultant, Jason Cassidy, tells Cointelegraph that with Valentine’s Day around the corner, there isn’t a better time to reflect upon how we can all spread the (crypto) love.

Cassidy explains how various aspects of Bitcoin development aid its adoption into the mainstream.


Bitcoin represents a major paradigm shift, and for many of us, this can be a challenging concept to wrap one's head around at first. The way people are empowered is through education, and Bitcoin is no exception. Taking some time out of your day to educate someone you know about what Bitcoin is, how it works and why it has value in today's society can be a tremendously powerful gift to bestow upon a curious mind.


Using Bitcoin as a medium of exchange to purchase goods and services speaks volumes to potential new adopters. Many people who have heard of Bitcoin but are not yet convinced it has true utility are often not aware of the multitude of ways one can spend their Bitcoins today. Being able to perform common purchases using Bitcoin instead of your national currency can be a powerful statement to newcomers or individuals sitting on the fence.


Whether starting your own business or joining a burgeoning start-up, helping grow the Bitcoin eco-system adds a tremendous amount of value. In terms of spurring more user adoption, building products and services that break down the barriers of entry into Bitcoin that exist today is critical.


Bitcoin challenges a lot of commonly held beliefs people hold today based on our current financial system. In this regard, Bitcoin is a bold statement, and not everyone out there is a proponent of the technology. Showing respect and diplomacy when having spirited conversations with others is one way to break down those barriers. Someone may not see your point of view today, but if a little love was shown during the debate you may just have won them over in the long term.

Happy Valentine’s Day, guys!