Bitcoin’s principles is about to be applied to Github to create the ultimate code-sharing platform.

Canadian software developer Yurii Rashkovskii was tapping away on Github on a Bali beach, when suddenly the network went down.

“People say it’s no big deal because Git is distributive,” Rashkovskii says, “but all those dependencies I wanted weren’t.”

Focus accessibility

Faced with no end of irritation, he set about applying his knowledge of Bitcoin with the aim of creating a reincarnated Git, one which would provide the unlimited access and ability to share that Git’s current users desire.

“I’d love to have such a network, and I’m sure I am not alone,” Rashkovskii told Wired.

The basic premise of the project, dubbed Gitchain, is to allow decentralized elements of the Bitcoin network to produce “a decentralized Git cloud that never goes down.” Cryptographically encrypted copies of all information would be stored on every network node, meaning that no matter what, dependencies would be accessible, as well as secure.

The project has secured CAD$9,840 in crowdfunding on Kickstarter, and Rashkovskii is writing the code from scratch, something which he forecasts taking several months, not accounting for the various distractions offered by Bali’s beaches.

In the meantime, Rashkovskii is inviting donations, which can be made via the Kickstarter page here