While Bitcoin advocacy takes many forms, it is perhaps safe to say that the age of the Bitcoin enthusiast is upon us.

Cryptocurrency is famous for dividing opinion, however, even in the same household, potentially leading to interesting situations between couples with only one crypto obsessive.

Sweetening the deal

A Bitcointalk thread was recently set up to discuss the issue. From all the responses, it is mostly men who are in the position of Bitcoin user or miner, with women remaining in the background, either uninterested in Bitcoin or skeptical – unless their other half comes up with a ‘compelling argument’.

User huryde writes, “My wife thinks it's a sham. That is until I bought her a 200$ Target Gift card and said here have a shopping spree. That quieted her up for a while.”

“If I had a little more invested in it and was making some decent coin, I think she would love it much more (especially if it means more shoes),”echoes pabpete.