Bitcoin and your other half – a match made in Heaven?

While Bitcoin advocacy takes many forms, it is perhaps safe to say that the age of the Bitcoin enthusiast is upon us.

Cryptocurrency is famous for dividing opinion, however, even in the same household, potentially leading to interesting situations between couples with only one crypto obsessive.

Sweetening the deal

A Bitcointalk thread was recently set up to discuss the issue. From all the responses, it is mostly men who are in the position of Bitcoin user or miner, with women remaining in the background, either uninterested in Bitcoin or skeptical – unless their other half comes up with a ‘compelling argument’.

User huryde writes, “My wife thinks it's a sham. That is until I bought her a 200$ Target Gift card and said here have a shopping spree. That quieted her up for a while.”

“If I had a little more invested in it and was making some decent coin, I think she would love it much more (especially if it means more shoes),”echoes pabpete.


Blockchain Bliss

But it’s not all one-sided. User BitChick and her husband (in real life as well as Bitcointalk pseudonym ‘BitchicksHusband’) say that they both fans of Bitcoin and regularly check the health of the market. “We purchased a small amount right before the big rise in April,” she writes, “I think seeing how fast the price could rise is what made me so excited about it.”

Any readers somewhat reluctant to admit their true involvement with Bitcoin can take solace in the duo’s words. “We are both pretty much ‘obsessed,’” confirms BitChick, “He [BitchicksHusband] believes firmly in the fact that the price will rise substantially and I just ‘close my eyes’ and enjoy the ride. I see the signs that it is going somewhere but we are so heavily invested that it does get a bit stressful.”

The thread is still modest in size but already displays a wide variety of stories reflecting Bitcoin’s potential in everyday life. User hello_good_sir writes, “My wife is incredibly happy that I bought some Bitcoin a while back. We have some major hardships that money can solve, and so she convinced me to sell a portion to deal with one of them.”

As the uptake of Bitcoin continues to increase, one can only wonder what tales may eventually grace forum threads such as this one.

Experts’ stories

“This is what my wife said: ‘I think it's the next big idea and needs more mainstream ideas behind it to succeed.

‘I'm on the fence about regulation, but I do think it could bring more users aboard. I think the idea for people to not even know they are using it could be beneficial because then they would understand how easy/ simple it is to use.’

I didn't realize she had thought about it that much.  I knew she liked it, but now I'm glad I asked directly.” - Lamar Wilson, Co-founder and CEO, Love Will LLC

“Well, I'm single right now, but not because of cryptocurrency. Things just didn't work out with my ex-partner. She thought it was crazy, at first, but eventually warmed up to the idea and still owns some bitcoins. Mostly, she just accepts the fact that crypto is going somewhere, but doesn't have as much in-depth knowledge.”Andrew Wagner, joint founder of the Bitcoin Cooperative and founder of CoinFest.

"After our son was diagnosed with a developmental delay, Blake said that he would do whatever it took to find a way to stay home and assist with early intervention. He said he would fix our investments to ensure that our son could be taken care of without his financial life support systems being inflated into worthlessness. This was a lofty goal and I was hesitant for him to leave the financial institution to work with Bitcoin full-time, but the togetherness and financial security we have been able to enjoy because of early adoption has been nothing short of miraculous" - Blake Anderson

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