With so many movies shoot about near and far future, why not to include some episode about the determining part of cryptographic currencies displaying progress and development? I am not speaking about mass culture phenomena like the Simpsons or the Family Guy – sarcasm, jokes and light attitude. It would be really interesting to see some serious adoption of the idea in a detective or dramatic part.

That has already happened in the TV-series “Almost Human” on Fox. The episode aired on the 16th December included not only a humble mention of the name, but made the coin a determining element of the storyboard.

The script is very similar to many already existing and presented to the audience films and series – the protagonist Detective John Kennex (actor Karl Urban) has suffered the loss of one of his leg because of a robot and became a cyborg himself as an artificial limb replaced the missing. This does not add sympathy to the modern technology of the year 2048. Being paired with a robot he investigates a murder. A lady is been killed after a surgery – the transplantation of the heart. The procedure has been completed illegally, but the payment still is not completed. The crime scene provides the team with a device very similar to a USB-flash drive. Some scanning process allows determining that is a wallet holding bitcoin. The robot Dorian (actor Michael Ealy) presumably uses the access to the Block Chain and scans the device to claim that it holds 4999 BTC – even today an enormous amount of money.

The technology geeks are trying to decipher the idea of the writers and to find some really existing analogues of the matter. Such hardware holders of the wallet seem very possible as a smartphone allows monitoring the existing online wallet or eBay allows selling bitcoin with hardware devices holding them. Also it is interesting how the robot was able to access the data of an encrypted wallet not knowing the key. Other experts are more interested in how much will be this volume of BTC worth during the year 2048, how many coin will be emitted and will the coin spread around. After the current forecasts the price of 4999 coin might be equal to a budget of a country and definitely an illegal surgery will not cost such an enormous fortune.

For those who have missed the episode of the TV-series on air on FOX can find the necessary clip or the whole story on the Internet. The coin environment believes that such mentions of the coin gives a positive effect on the popularization of the currency. More episodes and adaptations will make the cryptographic value a household name, provide information to potential users and inform people, who even do not plan to set up a wallet, but might determine the overall mood of the society.

Anyway – bitcoin has stepped on the way of screen fame – slight mentions, determining part of the development of the story, biopic on Ulbricht (see Silk Road news from previous months). The bitcoin has some advantage around other, less “handsome” coins.