Are You sure that You know anything about Bitcoin? Is it enough to read the Wiki and to follow the regular news? After the announcement of Brian Patrick Eha to publish a full of value book on Bitcoin and the most important events in its life, I have some doubts on any positive claim I might receive from You, dear reader.   

Let us be consecutive. The most famous in the cryptocoin environment journalist Eha succeeded to sign a contract with the publishing company Penguin Random House on the matter of a book on both Bitcoin and Silk Road. The preliminary title of the folio is at the same time plain, but very poetic and appealing – “Walking the Silk Road”. The aimed category of readers is not reduced to common Bitcoin users and enthusiasts, as the narration is going to offer the required thrill and voltage, because the real happenings around Bitcoin are as dramatic or detective-like as many praised fictional stories from bellowed authors of bestsellers. Besides the truly and detailed description of the notorious online merchants’ platform and Ross Ulbricht, the book is going to feature a glimpse on the global role and existing or upcoming impact on global economy of the virtual currency. The editor of the book, Niki Papadopoulos, commented on the development of the work:

“Bitcoin is one of the hottest topics in business today, and its connection with Silk Road makes for a fascinating story.”

Mr. Eha has also made a statement in the actual press release:

“[Bitcoin] is such a big subject that it deserves a comprehensive book-length account that will stand the test of time.”

The author has all the necessary qualities to succeed in his ambitious project - Brian Patrick Eha was an assistant editor at the portal He started to make publications on the digital coin in the middle of the 2012. His first article was about BitInstant for CNNMoney. The success stimulated him to continue his work. He became a recognized author, who has delivered two texts for the New Yorker online. Now he has left the job to dedicate his all present power to the preparation of the material and compilation of the book.

The publishing house is a giant that is definitely known to many users. In case You are a current or recent student or graduate, You might be familiar with reference books or dictionaries populated by the Penguin House. It has merged with Random House in 2013, and carries now an untied title of Penguin Random House. The initial book is going to be published under the supervision of Portfolio, presenting around 65 issues per year. The auditory of readers is supposed to be massive as the holding controls about 26% of the book market – the readers will definitely have no complications to acquire the book.

The edition, hopefully, will be a bargain for the majority of readers, but not only for book worms or Bitcoin geeks. Cointelegraph awaits the issue to publish an excessive review for those, who does not plan to spend both online or offline coins for the story of a Pirate and his gold hidden on the global network.