Bitcoin Reopens the Soul of a Poet

Cointelegraph has already reported on the occasion of Bitcoin receiving itspersonal and particular smell in form of BitCologne. Today, we are glad to present the fact that the mostfamous and favorable cryptographic coin is able to inspire creation of fineart, literature and other forms of masterpieces.


The Inspiring Nature ofBitcoin


Onthe technological level Bitcoin succeeded to pioneer the massive movement ofcreation of new alternative currencies. The introduction of Counterparty allowed adding numerous coin names to alreadyexisting hundreds of assets.

Bitcoinhas also entered the internet folklore – starting with memes and visualizedjokes, till possibly never ending flood of creativity, the currency might bemet several times per day browsing the web. The celebrities, actually the source of art and artistry, have alsobeen often inspired by Bitcoin or have given at least some encouragingcomments.

Sometimeago it was even planned to adopt the story of Silk Road and Ross Ulbricht on the movie screen, creating a biopic destined forbox office success.


Shakespeare, Byron, Po, …Einhorn


JessicaEinhorn has made a huge step forward adding Bitcoin to traditional figures ofpoetry, which are, for example, love, death, faith and strength. Currently Mrs.Einhorn is the senior advisor at The Rock Creek Group in Washington, USA.Before, she was a dean at the Johns Hopkins University, and even worked as themanaging director at the World Bank. Now she adds to her list of milestones andachievements a poem about Bitcoin.

TheCointelegraph took the liberty of publishing the full text of the poem withoutany alternations, but with credits of the author Jessica Einhorn:    


A bit of coinbecomes a mirror cracked

By love of fameor greed or complex math

It is a puzzlewhy some care so much

For crypto cashnot euro, yen, or pounds

They say thatmoney talks or maybe whispers

I stand outsidethat chatting class of hipsters


Who knew a piggybank imprisoned more

Than just myhopes for burgers and some slaw

I learn that itis fiat that I hold

A central bankin charge of all I buy

The legal tenderissued by a state

How déclassé andeven reprobate


Alternativesappear in digital

A universe ofblock chains built upon

An algorithm socomplex to solve

You need aprivate key and public too

A miner willcreate your currency

A wallet nowallows a shopping spree


These coins arenot so easily exchanged

As carefreeshows a different face which scowls

And Mt.Gox losesvirtue and reward

Eight hundredthousand coins and more are gone

So bankruptcywithout a bank we learn

Brings tears butno insurance in return


Each day themounting mystery accretes

When MisterNakamoto wants his lunch

A high-speedchase in movieland L.A.

Brings drama orperhaps its comedy

A pseudonym’sdisguise to be resolved

Satoshi’s fatemay Dorian absolve


Next reparationsare proposed online

Munificencecrowd sourced for damage done

Betrayaltrounced with generosity

A white flagwaves for anonymity

Or is it justpublicity for free?

The scent ofscam now overpowers me


The mirror‘scrack reflects my countenance

A smile acrossmy face as I discern

Those bits ofcoins are not the prize at all

The paymentssystem is the lasting gift

Ignored becausewe need some time to sift

The chaff ofcoins from platforms that will lift


Who saidnecessity is mother’s womb

Invention itturns out is born of whim


We are sure that Mrs. Einhorn is not the only one feeling the truenature and general importance of Bitcoin for the world. Please feel free tocontact us in case You have poetry, narrations or other art-objects on Bitcoin,and we will provide You the opportunity to promote Your works. Enjoy readingand please leave comments on the presented poem beneath the article.