Cointelegraph continues to inform its readers about most determining and interesting conferences of the cryptocurrency industry. The series of publications already includes the planned events in Monaco, New York and London. Recently was announced a seminar to take place in San Jose in the beginning of the summer.

The Bitcoin Technology Conference is going to start on the 16th June and last for three days. The venue still is not chosen or has not been announced. Much will depend on the interest from the society.

The meetup is going to cover comprehensive questions not only on Bitcoin, but also on other virtual assets. The happening might be interesting both for experienced sharks of the business and newbies searching for plain explanations.

Topics to set Eyes on

The organizers have summed up some crucial topics to pay attention on during the sessions. Every visitor will definitely appreciate presentations and discussions about the future and development paths of crypto coins to decide on more or less perspective activities in the digital environment.

Entrepreneurs and merchants will be attracted by examples provided on the successful adoption of Bitcoin as one of the payment methods. Learn more on POS terminals, payment processors and legislative background. Colleagues are ready to share the reasons for accepting Bitcoin and gained opportunities.

Regulations, policy and taxation are going to form a separate board not to be missed by investors or startup generating youth. For preliminary agenda feel free to contact the administration of the conference.  

Speakers Not to Be Missed

The organization committee counts to participants and featured speakers “venture capitalists, software providers, miners, lawyers, and regulators”. Cointelegraph would like to advise You to be part of the auditory of some really interesting and expert persons.

In case You are going to the event to search for support as You have a great idea to be launched and developed look for Sean Percival from the Venture Partner 500 Startups. His experience should not be underrated and used while he is willing to share.  

The perspectives and the future of Bitcoin as of all other cryptocurrencies is a topical theme. Colin Gallagher from the Bitcoin Foundation is not just a far looking person, but being part of the Educational Committee might provide simple descriptions of complicated matters.  

Some other participants as David Perry chief architect from the Bitcoin store has much to tell on the advantages and disadvantages of acceptance of Bitcoin as a payment method. More participants can be found in the list populated on the homepage of the conference.  

Cointelegraph is going to follow the changes in the agenda or other related news about the Bitcoin Technology Conference.