This year’s Bitcoinference Summer 2014 will take place at the Amsterdam Science Park. The conference will be held September 3 - September 5.

According to the organizers the international “Bitcoinference Summer 2014 Amsterdam [will be] covering the business and scientific aspects of Bitcoin, currencies and their derivatives.” The main idea of the conference is to gather the international business and scientific community around Bitcoin and its derivatives.

The Amsterdam Science Park is considered the birth place of digital currency. This is where David Chaum ( made his first attempts to integrate cryptography with electronic money. Mr Chaum is an inventor of many cryptographic protocols; his 1981 paper laid the groundwork for the field of anonymous communications research.

Bitcoinference Summer 2014 is a three day long community gathering that offers presentations and panels during the day combined with an amazing opportunity to meet and socialize with the international Bitcoin community. Plus, an after party and dinner is planned for the evening.


During the conference, visitors will have a chance to take part in panels and listen to many speakers and panel members. The full speakers list can be found here.

The speakers will raise a great number of digital currency related subjects. Ot van Daalen, Privacy Attorney from Digital Defence, will speak about Bitcoin service providers and Important issues regarding information requests by the police. Nicolas Courtois, cryptologist and senior lecturer at University College London, will tell you more about Hash Rate, 51% and protection against double spending in Bitcoin and other crypto currencies. Michele Marchesi from the University of Cagliari will speak on using an Artificial Financial Market for studying and a subject of Exchange sites while an outlook of the future will be presented by Roger van de Berg, Tax lawyer for Baker & McKenzie.

The conference will also offer a chance to meet Joachim de Koning, founder of Sheraga, Benjamin Bommhardt, co-funder of Draglet as well as two new additions:

  • Massimo Morini - Inv/Sav wallets and the role of financial intermediaries in a digital currency (Banca IMI, Head of Interest Rate and Credit Models, Capital Markets - Financial Engineering)
  • Sebastian Seitz - Bitcoin Predict – Predicting the future Bitcoin Price with Social Forecast (Bitalo Technician)


It is important to bear in mind that people buying tickets using bitcoins or altcoins get 25% discount, while students get 50% discount.

There is also an option to purchase an Early Bird and Late Bird Tickets:

“Early Bird Tickets will have to be bought before Tuesday 15th of July. Regular Bird Tickets will have to be bought before Friday 15th of August. Late Bird Tickets will have to be bought before Friday 29th of August.”

All the prices are available on the official website.

And, of course, there will be an option to pay in Bitcoin:

“By popular demand we decided to quote the prices in bitcoins and Litecoins. […]We offer a discount of 25% if you want to pay in bitcoins, Litecoins, Ripple,, etc. This means that if you want to pay in euros or dollars the price will vary by day. In this case please contact us for the current non-discounted price.”

Students will have an extra 50% discount. Plus, the price of a ticket includes Wi-Fi access and a lunch buffet.

For more information about the registration process, send your inquiries to the following address:

The organizers also encourage people to follow or connect with them on the social networks:

Bitcoinference Summer 2014, 3-5 September, Amsterdam, is not only a conference, but also a unique opportunity to connect with the Bitcoin community and learn more about the digital currencies.  

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