The annual Money2020 conference in Las Vegas is going all out for Bitcoin at this year’s event in November and Cointelegraph is proud to be an official media sponsor of the event.

Organizers recently announced a (Bit)coinWorld platform for participants to discuss the currency. Money2020 brings together big players from the tech, marketing, retail and finance industries every year to talk about innovation in money. Their conference in Las Vegas draws thousands of participants.

“At Money2020, we're big supporters of cryptocurrencies, including Bitcoin. We believe the underlying distributed payment protocols hold incredible disruptive technological potential on a global basis. [...] “We also believe that based on the value and utility of crypto-currencies as well as the investment in and incredible brainpower that's building out the infrastructure, protocols like Bitcoin are heading towards the tipping point of a network effect."

The goals of (Bit)coinWorld are three-fold:

  • To create a dedicated agenda track to include extensive coverage of distributed payment protocols and crypto currencies;
  • To increase exhibitor and sponsor presence, showcasing the latest organizations and innovations;
  • To introduce targeted networking events designed to connect critical stakeholders and industry participants.

Money20/20 has set up a whole new standard for events in just 2 years. It covers the evolution of Commerce at the crossroads of Payments & Financial Services with Retail, Mobile, Data, Marketing Services and Technology. For 2014, Money20/20 is raising the bar again. The upcoming conference is expecting over 6,500 attendees, including Fortune 500 CEOs from over 50 countries and 2,000 companies.

Money20/20 brings together an international community of leaders who are completely changing the way businesses and consumers spend and borrow money. The event is meant to explore the macro trends that shaping the core thread of innovations, including platform connectivity and interoperability, mobile internet, and consumer empowerment.

"At Money20/20, everyone benefits from rich, in-person interactions spanning 5 days packed with comprehensive content, wide-ranging exhibits and extensive networking opportunities. Money20/20 is the largest worldwide gathering of innovators in the evolution of commerce and the concurrent ongoing digitization of money. Whether you’re a Start-Up or an Established Solutions Provider, you’ll meet existing and potential customers, partners, distributors, investors and vendors, and have the opportunity to showcase your products and services in front of the largest relevant audience in the industry."

Companies of all shapes and sizes are invited to attend the Money20/20 Conference. Whether you operate internationally or domestically, the evolution of money is an international trend and "the Money20/20 Conference is your passport to the world of innovation".

The speakers

Each and every aspect of how businesses and individuals spend, manage and borrow money is undergoing a transformation. At the core of this major change is the evolution of financial services and payments based on unsettling innovation in commerce at the fork of important trends that include marketing services, retail, mobile, data and technology. The Money20/20 program will feature over 400 speakers and 100 sessions.

- Mr. Mclnerney, president of Visa

Ryan Mclnerney will be present at the conference this November. As the president of Visa Inc., Mr. Mclnerney is responsible for the corporation's global client organization, a new solutions group, and product management. Visa is constantly focusing on bringing new products and services to its customers, so Mclnerney's presence at the Money20/20 Conference could indicate some sort of willingness to negotiate a future integration with Bitcoin.

- Nicolas Cary

Another speaker who will talk about digital currencies is Nicolas Cary, one of the most important leaders in the Bitcoin sector; he's also the CEO of Blockchain. Obsessed with customer experience, Cary is extremely devoted to his job, and he spends most of his time working on delivering exceptional software. Blockchain is the most popular web-based Bitcoin wallet in the world. With over 2 million users, the platform is also the most highly trafficked Bitcoin website.

- The Winklevoss brothers

The Winklevoss brothers, Cameron and Tyler, will be attending the Money2020 Conference as well. After claiming that Mark Zuckerberg stole their idea for a social network, the twins sued for US$65 million. Famous for co-founding HarvardConnection, the two internet entrepreneurs are notorious venture capitalists. As of April 2013, they own 1% of all Bitcoin in existence and are launching their own Bitcoin ETF.

To see the full speaker list, go here.

The Money20/20 Conference is a "leading global event for innovations in money" and it will be held November 2-6 at Aria Resort and Casino in Las Vegas.

General admission is US$2,950, but if you register now you can benefit from a 15% discount. Representatives from over 2,000 companies will be attending the event.

"Money20/20 represents the broad spectrum of industries redefining an entire ecosystem across every stage of development, target audience and geographic location."

For more information about the event, visit the official website here.

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