While Russian authorities are scratching their heads about cryptocurrency, Bitcoin is being put in the spotlight in the center of Moscow. A robotic sound installation was unveiled under the name of "silk" from “Laboratoria Art & Science Space” by artist “::vtol::”. The exhibit’s string tension changes based on cryptocurrency price movements in real time against the world’s fiat currencies.

Various businessmen and other participants who visited the exhibition “Cosmoscow” were able to see this artwork in the Gostiny Dvor. Simply put, the installation is a robot, which shows cryptocurrency rates in real time as it plays an abstract and tranquil melody. But the most interesting part is how the melody is created. Strings produce the sounds that reflect the movements of several cryptocurrency price charts. A change in price affects the tension of the strings as it plays a dynamic melody of the world economy.

Silk, robotic sound installation

The “Cosmoscow” International Fair of Contemporary Art is held annually September 11-13. The fair brings together Western and Russian collectors, artists, and art specialists and serves as the venue for international and local art galleries. The Christie's auctioneer Alex Rumbler led a special auction during the event as about 15,000 visitors took part in the fair and had the chance to view the Bitcoin related exhibit.