Now Polish state institutions prepare to present a stance on the digital currencies and their role in local financial transactions. One of the recent Poland companies which join bitcoin ranks is Social media agency faceADDICTED. This solution was based on reinforcing online presence, starting to accept bitcoin payments.

faceADDICTED has international portfolio in the Polish market with the most powerful brands like Coca-Cola, Starbucks Coffee, Pizza Hut, Burger King, Bosch, Ecco and Comedy Central.

Two months later, another local business with a primarily online presence, web design company El Passion, started accepting bitcoins.

The Polish business says it chiefly specializes in information architecture and user interface design for web and mobile applications. Of course it is also about making efforts to promote and enlarge bitcoin users in the Polish economy. El Passion, for example, is clearly following the goal of growth, so it`s engaged in the activities of the Warsaw Bitcoin Meetup Group and is co-organizing meetings and discussions which are open to all willing to participate and discuss the future on the digital currency. The first event in Warsaw, where payments were paid in bitcoins took place in early August at Parking Bar. Meanwhile, on the other side, the Polish Ministry of Finance has declared in a policy document, where bitcoins cannot be considered a currency under Polish law. In spite of this, transactions made in bitcoins are nevertheless subject to taxation, according to the ministry. The confirmation document was released in July 2013 and signed by Poland’s Deputy Minister of Finance

Wojciech Kowalczyk.

Ministry explains that using bitcoin digital currency both sides should agree on the base of contract between each other and only then to make existing deal. Due to the fast growing popularity of the digital currency in Poland, Europe and worldwide in general since 2009 year, the question of the legal status of this currency is in priority. Currently there are debates not only in Poland, but also in other significant states of the European Union.

The Ministry of finance in Poland made its statement: “ There is no wonder why digital currency has such a powerful spreading via network and achieved global character in a short term. Digital currency have been taken at international level and especially within European Union countries. At the same time it rises up a big risk, because it`s out of control of a legal framework”. Hence, there are already digital platforms which allow Poles to trade digital currencies. One of finance platforms in this sector was established in 2012 in Poland and had all rights for its existence, it`s name is

As a result bitcoin trading becoming extremely popular in Poland. There are established already foreign -based platforms, adopted to Poland market are expanding their operations to the local market with Polish-language versions of their websites. The couple of existing examples successfully expanede on Poland market are Mt.Gox and The last one becoming a major local player.

Meanwhile, as the digital currency market continues to expand in Poland, local non-governmental organizations are also beginning to appreciate the digital currency. And history knows already the first Poland-based non-profit organization, which recently have started accepting donations in bitcoins - the local branch of the Ludwig von Mises Institute.