BiteMiner is a highly affordable cloud mining service with a wide range of pricing options. It allows users to purchase mining contracts, starting at as little as 20KH/s. With a break-even period of about 3-4 months, BiteMiner’s contracts are a good opportunity for small-scale investment in Bitcoin.

How it works

Biteminer has two major mining farms set up in San Francisco and Singapore. Those farms are filled with specialized hardware farming bitcoins, and other cryptocurrencies 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

The company takes care of maintaining those rigs, and allows its customers to pay for the share of their computational power. To start mining you only need to sign up on the site and purchase your first contract, and then you will begin receiving payouts in bitcoins.

The idea

Biteminer has introduced several measures to ensure their competitiveness on the market. Firstly, their farms are set up in secure locations of San Francisco and Singapore, and are used to not only mine Bitcoin, but other cryptocurrencies as well. Switching to the most profitable coins at any moment allows Biteminer to maximize their customers’ profits. The company takes care of exchanging the mined currencies, so actual payouts are made in bitcoins.

Biteminer also allows its clients to make full refunds (minus the payouts that they have already received) in case they are dissatisfied with the performance of their contracts, which increases the company’s trustworthiness.

Last but not least is the responsive support service, which will be ready to help any client, if they encounter any problems while using Biteminer’s services.


Biteminer offers several contract options with the pricing dependent on the amount of computational power (KH/s) you are buying:

  • $0.31 per KH/s, starting from 20KH/s
  • $0.29 per KH/s, starting from 700KH/s
  • $0.27 per KH/s, starting from 1400KH/s
  • $0.25 per KH/s, starting from 2800KH/s
  • $0.23 per KH/s, starting from 5600KH/s

Additionally, the company offers a referral program to reward people, who are actively helping it grow: by referring new users to Biteminer, you are entitled to 5% of the computational power they buy.


Cointelegraph: What are some of the major business challenges you had to overcome so far?

Biteminer: Every business comes up with the challenges and we need to beat those. The toughest business challenge we ever faced is maintaining a better support in-comparison to the other representatives of the competitive cloud mining industry.

CT: The cloud mining market is incredibly competitive. How does Biteminer stand out?

BM: To stand out in the cloud mining market, We are using latest hardware equipment to mine altcoins while suffering less expenses. In addition to that, we are offering 15Kh free mining power to our users on their first signup. Offering the free power makes us more unique in this industry.

CT: How profitable were your operations so far, both for you and your clients?

BM: We have a maximum profitability rate for our clients in the cloud mining market even after Bitcoin halving. To maintain a better output for our clients, we requires minimum profit from our clients.

CT: What transparency measures do you have in place in order to ensure the trust of your clients?

BM: We are using BlockChain technology to make our transactions transparent.

CT: What future plans do you have for Biteminer?

BM: As of now, we have two data centers in Singapore & San Francisco. We want to expand our mining power in the future.