Relaunching today is the Australian platform BitFash, which aims to unite most famous and attractive online clothing stores and offer an extraordinary range of brand clothes to Bitcoin users. Currently the service represents four major web retailers offering a range of more than a thousand famous brands. 

The inability to exchange Bitcoin for essential or desired goods and products has always been considered as a drawback by many potential users of the currency. Now BitFash acts as a middle man between several recognized clothing retailers, who will start accepting Bitcoin indirectly without the necessity of including new functions to their web stores, and customers who want to purchase fashionable clothing items for Bitcoin. 

BitFash is already working with ASOS™, Inverted Edge™, Shop Des Creatuers™ and Forever21. The shipping destination is asked when the customer first starts browsing the site and can be clarified during simple registration procedure. 

The goal set for 2014 is to widen the number of represented stores. The administration is welcoming enquiries from retailers willing to be put on the list. The site’s simplicity, comfort and safety make the unique service even more appealing as a partner.  

BitFash Setup 

The BitFash service has been around since early 2013. The owners of the company Chris J. Woods and Keyur P. Kelkar, both with a finance, law and management background, were fed up with the limited choice of items offered for Bitcoin. They hence decided to bring Bitcoin and style together. 

Simple operational principles have attracted numerous customers and global media interest. Techcrunch, South China Morning Post, Tech in Asia and Forbes have made the BitFash name even more recognized on the market. 

Prices from the retailers are converted into Bitcoin in real-time mode and include a small commission fee for the service provided by BitFash. All purchases from different retailers can be paid for in a single transaction, but the clothes and accessories ordered are shipped directly from the warehouses of the online stores. 

As the team of BitFash has set ambitious goals for 2014 it has expanded, adding Australian web developer Danny Ritterman as Technical Director. He is also the founder and director of Melbourne-based web development studio Lost Sock Design. 

Official Comments 

Keyur P. Kelkar, Bitfash’s co-founder said: 

“We continue to observe that Bitcoin users seek Bitcoin services which are reliable and transparent. Our ethos remains centered on delivering a high quality Bitcoin shopping experience for Bitcoin users, and expanding the potential catchment of users for online retailers without needing to take any sales risk.” 

Christopher J. Woods, Bitfash’s co-founder added: 

“Bitfash received customers from Europe, North America, South America and Africa in 2013, which shows a global level of interest for the currency, and the wide spread of users.” 

Danny Ritterman, Bitfash’s Technology Director commented the re-launch: 

“The new website was developed with both users and retailers in mind. Users are able to set up accounts which store previous orders, add items to their shopping cart with ease, and check out seamlessly. We have also established a reliable back-end system so that retailers can interface with us when integrating with the Bitfash website.” 

The developers welcome any feedback, criticism and offers, in order to make the platform even more comfortable to use and to widen the range of retailers for the delectation of the current clientele.