We just can’t catch up with BitPay, only yesterday we wrote about service’s new HQ in Argentina and a fresh press release it became known about two new offices, one in New York and another in San Francisco.

Oh, in case you were wondering, I meant family game, not an economic term. Although, if BitPay goes on to conquer states and countries just like that, I am not envying their competition.


Eye of Beholder

For starters, both offices will serve as sales coordinators and support for the platform’s users, meaning merchants and, again, both of them will be under the watchful eye of the Eric Martindale, a Developer Evangelist of BitPay.

That term, actually, made me confused for a second there, but in general, it means that he will sing the Bitcoin gospels at different events like hackatons, conferences and other stuff, which involves explaining people what is Bitcoin and why it’s here.