Interesting news appeared on the web during the past weeks – Black Friday will become a regular event for the bitcoin community all over the world. People who have at least some bitcoins might successfully and pleasantly spend them on the upcoming 29th of October and receive some really special and unique offers.

For those who are not from the USA and even in the age of globalization do not know what is Black Friday, allow me please to give some more information on the occasion. Firstly it is the first Friday after the Thanksgiving Day. Normally the winter season of shopping starts on that day. The winter season means also Christmas shopping – huge amounts of presents have to be prepared. On this Friday shops are opening earlier and offer very special, reduced prices on many highly valued and modern things. Normally this day is not an official holiday, but some states make it fee for governmental employees and private companies are allowed to choose whether they should work or not. Considering a very active part of customers – students and scholars – it is the first day of a holiday that lasts a week. You can imagine the amount of visitors during this and the following days in all kind of shops and markets. Surely, many of you have heard also negative news about this shopping event. Many get hurt and jammed in crowd, so many digital and online vendors offer similar activities, but the customer does not need to go outside his home.

The bitcoin community has to have something with this day too. Some active developers, who regularly use bitcoins and prefer to shop from vendors accepting bitcoin offer their own project. They have launched a homepage Bitcoin Black market.

If you enter their creation You will see two registration field for buyers and sellers. Above the slogan is placed: “On November 29, Bitcoin takes holiday shopping by storm, with the best deals for Bitcoin users, and easy ways to buy all your presents and give to charity with the new, world-changing digital cash!”

Browsing the page further some of the offers and their features are presented. The most of them consider some virtual products, like domain names, high valued memberships in other bitcoin projects and many more. Also the page allows donating for charity in bitcoin that is very important especially during the Christmas holiday. Many donation programs feature also special digital and online options and possibilities – browsing safety, anonymity, freedom and many other things that are the key advantages of crypto currency as a general line.

Currently, the page Bitcoin Black Friday is adding more offers, so stay in touch with them not to miss anything interesting. Still bitcoin in general is still in doubt about making some special offers or deals for Thanksgiving and other holidays and celebrations.