Discussions are a highly valuable social process of exchanging thoughts and knowledge, which leads to new inventions.  Currently, discussions in groups of just 20 people or more are unbearably inefficient because the amount of information we process deteriorates as more people are added because of the limits of human brain bandwidth and capacity. Taking this concept one step further, current ways to update software often lack the ability to directly incorporate the input of their end-users to design the best possible experience from the user’s perspective. A decentralized social platform project called Tau solves this issue by enabling you to digitize your mind.

Tau has made it their aim to build a better society where knowledge is created with greater efficiency and distributed to solve the complex problems plaguing the world today. The team at Tau believes that in a world where discussions with billions of people are efficient, the advancement of humanity would accelerate to a huge degree. Given the right tools, thousands of scientists could, for example, efficiently discuss a potential cure for cancer and discover the best possible solution at record speed. 

Digitizing your mind

In a more effective communication model, end-users can determine what a network would look like by enabling it to understand its users' opinions. The result is that development could be auto-updated based on the user's direct inputs.

Tau is the first-ever decentralized blockchain social network able to take the thoughts, advice and knowledge of its users and update its own code in real-time to give all users control over what the software does for them and how it evolves at any scale.

On Tau, your profile will be your Worldview. It will be at the center of Tau and it will represent everything you know, believe in, think and are curious about. The consensus of everyone's Worldviews will define the next version of Tau, bringing you the ability to create a new digital universe that you all control.

Your Worldview will be entirely yours to own. You will be able to choose to share aspects of it with other people, publicly or privately, and connect it with apps, services and businesses. The consensus of everyone's Worldviews will define the next version of Tau, bringing you the ability to create a new digital universe that you all control.

Powered by a smarter kind of AI

Tau’s solution is powered by logical artificial intelligence (AI). Unlike machine learning, logical AI provides provably correct results and can capture an intended meaning of discussions and real-world knowledge. Tau’s logic-based engine is used for its ability to accurately self-build complex software by understanding the intended meaning of the opinions users share over the network.

On Tau, users will govern the development of the system through their Worldview. The Worldview, encompassing a user’s ideas, thoughts, knowledge and advice, will include their thoughts on how they want Tau itself to function, so a user will never have to explicitly or repeatedly vote on how they want Tau to evolve; their Worldview is their vote. Tau understands and takes into account all ever-changing Worldviews in the network, calculates the consensus of what the users want Tau to be and implements the next version of Tau into the next block in the blockchain.


With logical AI, Tau has pioneered an original concept of human-human interactions with a machine in the middle. The core to this principle becomes humans engaging with each other and with Tau through a language machines can comprehend (also known as a controlled natural language, or CNL). 

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The premise in Tau is that users have to write in languages that both people and machines can understand, but this will enable you to instantly realize the relative meaning of what people say in billion-people-sized discussions.

With knowledge organized in a manner that makes it understandable both to people and to machines, a clear advantage will be presented over books and search engines. Data that was once broken out into bits and dispersed little by little through different formats will be brought together with the relative meaning of its contents, distilled and ready for consumption.

Making discussions scalable

At present, the team is working on the creation of a social platform that will allow users to conduct efficient discussions regardless of how many participants exist. The release of this platform will enable discussions to become scalable and consensus points to be detected, improving the knowledge exchange process in its entirety.

These efforts are being developed in conjunction with a demo release and minimum valuable product (MVP) launch of the Tau Meta Language (TML). TML will allow seamless communication and semantic translation between programming and knowledge representation languages, visualization and organization formats, domain-specific languages and more. 

Future developments will incorporate a knowledge economy, in which users will be able to trade knowledge for cash directly, giving Tau’s capabilities a monetary incentive.

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