DMA (Data & Marketing Association) and MetaX have recently announced their project called adChain - a collaborative project between the two companies aimed at solving advertising fraud using Blockchain technology.

While most people are more familiar with Blockchain technology being used by cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, the two companies have partnered to create a more efficient system for digital advertising.

Combating advertising fraud

One of the biggest problems that the digital advertising sector is facing is the perception that ad budget is spent on fake news and fake domains.

Project adChain aims to streamline the publishing of ads so that ads that are posted on the Internet appear more legitimate and can act as an actual marketing tool to attract customers to the landing page rather than being obtrusive to the consumers.

The project allows advertisers to buy legitimate ad spaces where they can provide ads in websites that are legitimate and free of fraud.

For publishers, the platform aims to give them a sense of full ownership of their web properties while at the same time blocking off fraudulent users who have the intention to steal ads or information.

As a whole, adChain aims to make the digital marketing and advertising field safer and more efficient for advertisers, users and publishers.

Project’s status

Currently, the concept of adChain is based on the following four principles of advertising:

  • Advocating the ability of the marketer to obtain relevant and reliable data.
  • Innovation of solutions to make the digital advertising sector more efficient in giving customers what they want.
  • Educating the members of the digital advertising sector that the system is growing while technology and customer expectations are also growing.
  • Connecting all of the people involved in order to form the complete system.

While adChain is the first project of its kind, both DMA and MetaX are well-known companies in their respective fields of expertise. DMA focuses on technology and innovation that involves advertising and marketing, while MetaX delves into Blockchain technology that involves digital advertising and marketing tactics.

While this may be a first for the advertising industry, Blockchain technology has been widely used in various industries including music, finance, supply chain, among others.